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Speaking your language for 87 years

2023 marks the 87th anniversary of the Bulgarian National Radio’s foreign-language service to the world.

It all began on 16 February, 1936. One year after the Bulgarian radio was officially launched, what is now Radio Bulgaria went on the air. It was a Sunday when Radio Sofia’s full morning programme was launched, to reach Europe, North America and North Africa.

Now, 87 years later, Radio Bulgaria is still talking to the world about this country in English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Serbian, Greek, Albanian, Turkish and Bulgarian.

This special section on our website presents intriguing facts from the history of Radio Bulgaria, its golden voices, as well as reminiscences from the people who have worked at Radio Bulgaria through the years.

Maya Daskalova: Over 90 world radio stations broadcasted Radio Bulgaria's programs

Radio Bulgaria's foreign-language programmes are particularly important for Bulgarian communities around the world, as well as for the second and third generations of Bulgarians abroad who no longer speak Bulgarian but are looking for a..

published on 6/7/22 3:37 PM

Radio Bulgaria used to have true listeners in Africa

Looking back at the rich archives of the Bulgarian National Radio, we find curious facts related to the multilingual service- Radio Bulgaria. In 2012, Radio Bulgaria seized short-wave and medium-wave broadcasts. Until then, Radio Bulgaria’s..

published on 5/29/22 8:10 AM

When and how the foreign-language broadcasts of the Bulgarian radio emerged

After the 1950s, the programmes in French, English, German, Italian, Turkish, Greek, Serbo-Croatian and Albanian were created, in 1956 the Bulgarian Radio also launched broadcasts in Arabic . This action was provoked by the Suez..

published on 5/15/22 8:15 AM

The fascinating story of the first overseas broadcasts BNR

In 1936 BNR, then under the name of Radio Sofia, started broadcasting on short waves via the ELZA transmitter (the abbreviation coming from the radio station's international code - L-Z-A). The same year the radio started broadcasts to abroad...

published on 4/18/22 4:13 PM

Warm-hearted listener responses to the 86th anniversary of Radio Bulgaria

On the occasion of the 86th anniversary of the first BNR's broadcast abroad, Radio Bulgaria, as its successor since 1992, received letters with congratulations, memories, feedback and recommendations from both long-time listeners and new..

published on 2/18/22 5:18 PM

Sirak Skitnik awards: Radio Bulgaria wins Grand Prix for significant contribution to the development of the BNR

Radio Bulgaria’s daily podcast Bulgaria Today in nine languages won the Grand Prix for significant contribution to the development of the Bulgarian National Radio. The Sirak Skitnik Grand Prix, named after the first director of Radio Sofia,..

published on 1/25/22 9:27 PM

Nominations for Sirak Skitnik Awards are recognition for Radio Bulgaria

Today, the Bulgarian National Radio celebrates its 87th anniversary. Traditionally, on Radio Day - January 25, the winners of the "Sirak Skitnik" award are announced. The annual award of the Bulgarian National Radio was established in 2001 and..

published on 1/25/22 12:28 PM

What is survachka and what do foreigners know about this traditional Bulgarian object?

The multilingual audience of Radio Bulgaria is very well informed about the traditions and culture of this country. This is partly due to the detailed and accessible information that we present to you daily in 10 languages through articles,..

published on 1/19/22 12:56 PM

Do foreigners know the first woman who took part in military flight was Bulgarian?

It turns out that the heroic act of Bulgarian Raina Kasabova is known abroad, according to a survey by Radio Bulgaria among its multilingual audience. "The first woman in the world who participated in a military flight was a Bulgarian..

published on 12/21/21 1:51 PM

Greek and Turkish speaking audience know well the story of legendary song "Izlel e Delyo Haydutin"

We asked the audience of Radio Bulgaria in ten different languages: when did Valya Balkanska record the song "Izlel e Delyo Haydutin", which flew into space? The most popular opinion seen in the answers to the quiz is that the song that..

published on 11/4/21 4:15 PM