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Резултати : author Ass. Prof. Vihra Baeva

Sur six-winged deer – deer myths in Bulgarian folklore

An animal shrouded in myth and legend, the deer is accorded a special place in the beliefs and rituals of many nations on different continents. The cult of the deer goes back to the Stone Age and is especially prominent among the..

08.02.15 08:00 |

Like a fish in deep water – symbolism connected with fish in Bulgarian folklore and tradition

In many ancient mythologies fish is the symbol of woman. It denotes fertility and procreation, water and its power to give birth to and preserve life. Fish is bonded to the Mother Goddess and the lunar deities. In ancient Greek..

06.12.14 09:00 |

A man’s best friend: dog’s image in traditions and folklore

In this edition of Folk studio Associate Prof. Vihra Baeva from the Institute for Ethnology and Folklore Studies with Ethnographic Museum of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences presents the folklore image of the dog in fairytales,..

07.09.14 08:35 |

Prepolovenie (Halving) in Asenovgrad: rituals and stories of miracles

Prepolovenie (Halving) is one of the movable feasts and is celebrated on the 25 th day after Easter when the time left to the great day of Pentecost is halved. Therefore this day is always marked on a Wednesday, though on a..

14.05.14 08:00 |