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Kite Festival in Burgas rings in summer

“Strandzha is a mountain like no other. There are other places where you might find yourself at risk, but when you go to Strandzha it is to learn and to contemplate nature. In Strandzha , nature gives genuine pleasure and respite.” That is how..

14.05.22 08:25 |

Sofia and the stories-in-light it has to tell under the open skies

May 6 is among the most popular days in Bulgaria – the Day of St. George and the Day of Valour and of the Bulgarian Armed Forces. 9 May is Europe Day, a day of unity for the continent. In the days in-between, Sofia will play host to the first..

05.05.22 09:55 |

Vladislav Dimitrov on the path from war to gratitude to Bulgarians

It is the 63 rd day of the war in Ukraine. According to the UN, more than 5 million Ukrainians have left their homeland since the start of hostilities, 94,300 of them are on the territory of Bulgaria, of which more than 84,000 already have the..

27.04.22 11:37 |

Young people from Bulgaria and Europe to take part in a simulation of the EU legislative process

Exactly one year ago, Radio Bulgaria presented the Bulgarian claimant for the European Charlemagne Youth Prize, Sofia 2021 . Today, the team of young people working on it have reached its final phase. The many months of work on the project will..

19.04.22 11:49 |

More and more young Bulgarians opt for a life outside the big cities

The last two years of living in a global pandemic have radically changed our way of life and worldview, and thus our dreams and aspirations for the future. If before that, young and active people in Bulgaria perceived having a well-paid job and..

11.04.22 13:31 |

„Fire magic“ festival presents some of the best magicians in Bulgaria

oday's Day of Humor is a professional holiday for everyone involved in the art of illusion. 2022 marks the 47th anniversary of the founding of the Club of Illusionists in Bulgaria, which later grew into a trade union. On this occasion, the Fire..

01.04.22 09:45 |

Dimitar Voev – the captivating music rebel from the late 80’s and the beginning of transition to democracy

Representative of a special kind of people - the non-conformists fighting against uncritical following of group norms, Dimitar Voev is one of the artistic symbols of the Bulgarian transition to democracy. A poet, musician, composer, he was a..

24.03.22 14:40 |

First international exhibition of Ivan Milev’s works opens doors

For the first time foreign art lovers will have the opportunity to see the works of one of the great Bulgarian artists - Ivan Milev, the director of the Art Gallery in Kazanlak Dr. Plamen Petrov has told Radio Bulgaria. Thanks to the efforts of..

17.03.22 16:45 |

The "ambassadors of goodness" unreservedly change people’s destinies

For the third year in a row, Bulgaria’s State Agency for Child Protection will honour people and organizations that have helped children and their families regain their faith that kindness exists. "Today, more than ever, we all need to be..

17.03.22 12:23 |

Bulgarian artists organise campaigns to support victims of war in Ukraine

"War is already in the cells of people around the world. We do not have a vaccine against this virus," actress Elena Petrova said on air a day ago. As a UNICEF goodwill ambassador, she said she was ready to go to Ukraine because "at a time..

09.03.22 09:25 |