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author: Vessela Krasteva

Bulgarian journalists from 33 countries discuss the topic "Media and ‎Freedom" in Kazanlak

‎"If liberty means anything at all, it is the right to be able to tell people what they ‎don't want to hear." ‎ This quote is inscribed next to the statue of George Orwell outside the BBC ‎building in London. As if to remind all members fourth..

02.06.23 11:04 |

Children from all over the world show the "Natural Wonders of Bulgaria" in Rome

To draw the "Natural Wonders of Bulgaria" in isolation, only from photos and deep emotions... This is what hundreds of Bulgarian children from all over the world did two years ago, inspired by the competition of the same name of the Bulgarian-Italian..

01.06.23 07:15 |

“Let’s read some” festival in the literary heart of Sofia – Slaveykov square

Rather exotic, intriguing, colourful, with its crooked alleys and no sewerage – that is how urbanist Zdravko Petrov described Sofia after the liberation of Bulgaria (in 1878) in an interview with Radio Bulgaria. On 3 April, 1879, the..

23.05.23 11:42 |

Zornitsa Rangelova – a Bulgarian lady behind the scenes of the Eurovision Song Contest 2023

What do ABBA (Sweden), Celine Dion (Canada), Toto Cutugno (Italy), Helena Paparizu (Greece) and the Italians Maneskin all have in common? They have all, at one time or another, won the Eurovision Song Contest which has meant their countries have..

12.05.23 14:29 |

Bulgarian song makes it to top 40 of a world country chart

Thirty years ago, renowned Bulgarian composer Stefan Diomov wrote the song "Hello, My Friend" for a benefit concert in Burgas. The occasion was the birth of a new band in 1994 - "Familia Tonika" - made up of all the performers from the groups..

10.05.23 16:20 |

We are Earth: A visual conversation and a mirror for our planet

“Humans have become an active planetary factor, and the effect they are having on the environment and nature can be compared to the impact of a meteorite or a global cosmic catastrophe,” Elena Tilova, expert at Green Balkans said some time ago in..

22.04.23 07:35 |

Brisbane keeps fingers crossed for a new government

According to official data after the census in Australia in the summer of 2022, Bulgarians on the Land Down Under are 8,039. They are most numerous in the states of New South Wales - 2 401 and Victoria - 2 156. In the most populous Australian..

03.04.23 12:44 |

Bulgarii votează din nou

Trăiește cum trăiește bulgarul, și iar vin alegerile... Astăzi fix la 7:00 a început ziua de vot,  în care pentru a cincea oara în ultimii doi ani, poporul bulgar trebuie, prin vot, să formeze puterea legislativă a țării. Peste 6 milioane și jumătate..

02.04.23 10:32 |
Daniel Nenchev

Daniel Nenchev about "ideas without borders" in free Bulgaria

Today, Bulgaria celebrates its National Day of Liberation - March 3. It is 145 years since Bulgaria's Liberation from Ottoman rule and the return of Bulgaria on the European political map. The good news is that these days Bulgaria is everywhere in..

03.03.23 13:05 |

Monumentul Apostolului din Sofia - un loc de omagiu național

În fiecare an, în zilele din jurul datei de 19 februarie, monumentul lui Vasil Levski din centrul Sofiei se umple de flori. Cu ocazia aniversării morții lui Vasil Levski, pe străzile din Sofia, orașele și satele din capitală sărbătoresc ziua de naștere a..

27.02.23 15:35 |