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Spanish saxophone player Arnau Garrofé Farràs: “I am happy in Bulgaria with my music and my friends”

A few years ago a remarkable saxophone player appeared on the Bulgarian jazz scene. The young Spaniard immediately won over the audience with his talent of swiftly “entering” different projects, without losing his original musical presence. Today,..

20.06.20 10:15 |
Zlatka Stavreva

Upcoming seventh edition of International Folklore Festival “Atliman Necklace"

Organizing concerts and music festivals during the summer months is a tradition especially in resort towns. That is how tourists get a "cultural bonus" during their vacation and participants enjoy audience of different nationalities. Among..

22.04.18 09:35 |
Eva Quartet

A Filetta and Eva Quartet looking for cross-pointsbetween entirely different traditions

In October 1978, united by their love for the traditionalpolyphony singing from Corsica, six singers created“A Filetta”. Along with their concert activity, in 1989 (together with SvegliuCalvese) they set up an annual festival, inviting polyphony..

20.02.18 13:03 |

One cannot truly live without the spiritual energy of art, Maria Meskin says

A city of rich historical past, Bulgaria’s Pleven is linked to the names of hundreds of people who have contributed to the development of Bulgarian culture. Pleven – City of my Dreams is a song by legendary singer Emil Dimitrov who was born..

18.05.17 15:05 |

Stinging nettle in Bulgaria’s traditional practices and beliefs

In springtime Bulgarians traditionally consume various dishes containing leafy greens like nettles, docks and sorrels. Old people say that when you hear a cuckoo and see nettle growing, this means spring has come.The stinging nettle..

13.05.17 09:05 |

Bulgarian Guards Brass Band – tradition and modernity

In 1890, Alexander of Battenberg decreed that May 6, Gergiovden (St. George Day) be designated Day of Courage and of the Bulgarian army. After an interruption of almost 50 years, in 1993, the holiday was reinstated. It is a date that has..

06.05.17 09:30 |

Folklore songs on wine and love

Bulgaria’s people celebrates St. Tryphon’s Day on February 14 – it is one of the most sustainable folk customs which has preserved its pagan image. The fest is celebrated across the whole country and it is related to the winter-to-spring..

14.02.17 15:22 |

D2 and Odd Crew with concert on Musala peak

Tangra Mega Rock Radio is planning a concert by the bands D2 and Odd Crew on Saturday, 30 July. What makes the concert so unusual is its location – Musala peak. The cause that brought musicians and scientists together is how to dispose of the..

25.07.16 10:55 |

“Vivo con la sincera esperanza de que el bien sobrevivirá a la muerte” − Ivaylo Dimanov sobre su poesía cantada

Con motivo del Día Mundial de la Poesía, 21 de marzo, les presentamos a Ivaylo Dimanov, periodista, poeta y escritor. Se trata de uno de los bardos más famosos de Bulgaria, un tipo de románticos tal vez desaparecido, que alguna vez llamamos “poetas..

26.03.16 09:05 |

Premiere of chamber duo Professor Stoika Milanova and Nadezhda Yotsova

  Renowned Bulgarian violinist Professor Stoika Milanova is to hold a concert at the National Music School Lubomir Pipkov on October 28. All music fans will have the opportunity to enjoy her performance free of charge. Young..

28.10.15 11:41 |