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No queues formed in front of polling stations in London

General elections and football are certainly the most discussed topics among Bulgarians living in the United Kingdom today. Bulgarians in London are voting at snap Parliamentary elections again in a moment when thousands of..

11.07.21 16:28 |
Dimitar Nikolova and his muse and wife - Boryana Zheleva

Dimitar Nikolov: Music, Muse and Radio Bulgaria give meaning to my life

The Bulgarian National Radio has entered life and has long remained a school, music scene and inspiration for the Bulgarian composer Dimitar Nikolov. He is among the few of our colleagues who we can call the doyens of the Music Department..

10.07.21 10:30 |

The poorest Bulgarians are permanently outside the scope of the anti-crisis support measures: Institute for Market Economics experts

2020 was the perfect social experiment, a serious stress test for the entire social system in the country, analysts from the Institute for Market Economics say. Back then, in the space of three weeks, around 90,000 people in Bulgaria..

06.07.21 13:20 |

The hybrid work model is growing more and more relevant in Bulgaria

The Covid-19 pandemic seems to be receding in Bulgaria and people have started going back to the offices. But does that spell the end of the home office? Very doubtful, experts say. “Quite the opposite, a hybrid work model is being considered with..

01.07.21 11:23 |

On 11 July thousands of Bulgarians in Great Britain will vote for a better future for their country

135 is the number of polling stations that will be established for the 11 July elections in the UK of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. After the restriction of having no more than 35 polling places in non-EU counties was done away with, Great..

28.06.21 14:47 |

Bulgarian villages turning into demographic deserts

The population of Bulgaria is currently about six and a half million people. Processes of population decline in the country have been deepening and the gloomy forecasts by researchers indicate that by 2040 Bulgaria’s population will decline by..

16.06.21 16:05 |

World Migratory Bird Day raises global awareness of the threats faced by migratory birds

Since 2006 every second Saturday in May has been dedicated to the protection of migratory birds and their habitats. Numerous events are organized on this day to help raise awareness that human life is impossible without the bird world. The most..

07.05.21 18:52 |

A holiday message is coded in “Grandma’s Recipes” children’s painting contest

Bright Week, also known as Pascha Week or Renewal Week begins today. The days after Easter bring enlightement and hope for eternal life. The Church glorifies the Holy Apostles and the Holy Theotokos and it is time for home celebrations..

03.05.21 09:05 |

Assoc. Prof. Gornev: There is no volunteering in medicine, responsibilities and risks are the same for everyone

On International Labour Day, May 1, we often talk about workers and their rights. Decent remuneration and well-deserved rest are an integral part of the principles of freedom and democracy, according to the rule of law. For more than a year,..

01.05.21 06:00 |

Overwork and greater interest in labor rights marked, according to experts

Lawyers almost jokingly say that after the Road Traffic Act, the other most violated law in Bulgaria is the Labor Code. Most often, legal advice from trade unions is sought by people who were fired or forced to leave their jobs; or have not..

30.04.21 10:05 |