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Резултати : author Gergana Mancheva

Follow the gold: the town of Panagyurishte from Antiquity to the Present Day

The scenic mountain town of Panagyurishte is famous for its rich history and remarkable cultural and historical heritage. Besides the great Renaissance enlighteners and the heroic fighters of the 1876 April Uprising for the liberation of Bulgaria..

16.08.22 17:36 |

Gatherings and festivals transform life in small Bulgarian towns

Summer is in full swing and that is the time when many people travel and rediscover life in smaller Bulgarian towns and villages. Gatherings dedicated to traditions, customs, local dishes or simply family gatherings attract guests from the country..

11.08.22 13:40 |

Truffles – treasure not well-known but often found in Bulgaria

Hardly anyone doubts that among the diverse and rich nature of Bulgaria one can find these aromatic mushrooms that are worth a fortune on world markets. Truffles have long been known in Europe as a sophisticated and special addition to dishes with..

09.08.22 15:04 |

Herb gathering is a vital industry for many of the small towns and villages in Bulgaria

It would be difficult to find a person in Bulgaria who has no knowledge of basic herbs and has not applied a herbal treatment at least once in their lives. Bulgaria has an extremely rich and diverse nature so a huge variety of medicinal..

15.07.22 13:35 |

Cherry-picking season in Kyustendil is almost over, it is time for cherry filo pastry pie

Fresh cherries can be picked in May and by early July the cherry-picking campaign is almost over. The fruit is rich in vitamins and other nutrients that boost the immune system. Cherries help inhibit oxidative stress and decrease inflammation by..

07.07.22 08:15 |

Beekeeping - an invaluable factor for health, yet not a priority sector for the Bulgarian state

Nature this year has been kinder to beekeepers, providing them with warm rainy days in April, which created favourable conditions for the flowering of rapeseed, one of the preferred honey crops for insects. The warm days in May favoured the flowering of..

05.07.22 16:45 |

European Statistics Champions: We did our best to present Bulgaria in a comprehensive manner

Bulgarian students have had numerous successes in world Olympiads in mathematics, informatics, linguistics, etc. Recently, Bulgaria earned a gold medal at the European Statistics Competition. The competition for high school students is organized by the..

27.06.22 16:08 |

Cherry season in Kyustendil: A time for hard work and for a big festival

Walking in the streets of Kyustendil in June is like taking a walk in a cherry orchard, surrounded by trees heavy with fruit. This is the town in Bulgaria, located in the foothills of Mount Osogovo and on the bank of Banshitsa River,..

24.06.22 11:07 |

Italian remains one of the favorite foreign languages for many young Bulgarians

Italian language continues to enjoy great popularity in Bulgaria. Many young Bulgarians love studying the language of Boccaccio and Dante Alighieri and enjoy Italian music and art. In Bulgaria, Italian language is taught in four schools in..

15.06.22 14:09 |

The labour market in Bulgaria can absorb a large number of returnees from abroad

A survey among Bulgarians abroad, conducted recently for the Bulgaria Wants You multimedia platform, shows that about 35 percent of the respondents have decided to return to their country and are currently considering their options. Taking into account..

13.06.22 17:34 |