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Los ideales de Levski de la ilustración popular echaron los sólidos cimientos de una casa de lectura búlgara

Una de las más importantes instituciones en la vida de las personas del pequeño pueblo de Strelcha es su casa de lectura. Fundada en 1871, está entre las primeras entidades de cultura e ilustración que aparecieron en Bulgaria antes de la..

23.02.20 08:00 |

February 19 – Day of commemoration for Bulgaria’s Apostle of Freedom

February 19 is the date on which we bow our heads down and remain silent for a minute to pay respect to the glorious cause and commemorate the heroic demise of one of the greatest guardians of Bulgarian freedom – Vasil Ivanov Kunchev - Levski...

19.02.20 15:52 |
Monument of Vassil Levski in Strelcha

Levski's ideals for public education lay the sound foundations of Strelcha-based community centre

One of the most important institutions in the life of people from the small resort town of Strelcha in central Bulgaria is its cultural community center (an institution known in Bulgarian as “chitalishte” – literal translation – reading..

18.02.20 15:07 |

Love Bench near Dryanovo – place for shared feelings

Soon after the Christmas euphoria in Bulgaria is gone it is time for another winter holiday that binds people together – Valentine’s Day celebrated on February 14. Celebrating Valentine’s Day in Bulgaria is a more recent tradition as compared..

14.02.20 13:55 |

The memory of Bulgarian poetess Leda Mileva is live and bright

“Beauty sometimes emerges unexpected. It may appear as a bush all in frost or a violet in the woods; the smile of a child or a noble deed. What matters is to be capable of noticing it” – used to say great Bulgarian poetess Leda Mileva...

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Innovative Enterprise of the Year, 2019 contest singles out trailblazers in business

An IT company which has developed a progrmame for developing and attracting talent and innovation at the workplace, and a company which has developed software for real-time business expenses management, with application in 10 countries of..

31.01.20 13:41 |

Bulgaria’s organized tourism receives financial stimulus from the state for the first time

The Bulgarian cabinet allotted an extra EUR 7.5 million from the state budget for promotion of organized tourism in this country. Our focus is on the summer tourist season between June and the end of September, because analyses in the tourism..

28.01.20 13:44 |

Petrich Fortress near Varna – architectural treasure impressing archaeologists and tourists

Inaccessible and unknown even to many archaeologists, the Roman fortress Petrich Kale is about to become a new tourist attraction in Bulgaria. It is located far away from the town of Petrich in southern Bulgaria, as it is situated close to the..

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Fieles de cerca y de lejos acuden al monasterio de Chirpan el día de san Atanasio

No hace falta viajar miles de kilómetros para llegar a lugares sacros para los cristianos y beber del manantial milagroso de la fe ortodoxa. Las tierras búlgaras están plagadas de centenares de iglesias y monasterios construidos con fe y con la..

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On St. Athanasius Day, worshippers from near and far flood the monastery near Chirpan

We do not need to travel thousands of kilometers to reach holy Christian places and “drink from the miraculous well” of Orthodox faith. Hundreds of churches and monasteries were built on Bulgarian territory with the faith and the hope..

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