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Responsible solutions are needed to support Bulgarian businesses amidst Covid crisis

On the last working day of last week, the Bulgarian cabinet which has already filed its resignation submitted to the National Assembly a draft plan for the recovery of Bulgaria. The topic became a reason for endless controversies among the newly..

19.04.21 13:44 |

Radoslav Kirilov – the Bulgarian artist in Spain attempting to humanize the inhuman

Art knows no boundaries and language barriers, it rather brings people together. When an artist has an innate talent, they do not remain hidden from the public, no matter in which country they have chosen to live. Thus, relying only on his..

18.04.21 08:30 |

Hate speech is now targeted at politicians and health institutions with equal fervor: Yuliana Metodieva

The clock is ticking down to the election for parliament which everyone is describing as the most important election for the road the country is going to tread over the next four years. What makes things different this time is that difficult..

31.03.21 16:42 |

Korudjikov studio creates glass masterpieces

Working with glass has become a family tradition and source of income for a family from Bulgaria’s capital Sofia. Borislav Korudjikov is a pioneer in this craft.Today he is among the most famous master glassmakers in Bulgaria. He lectures glass..

25.03.21 13:49 |

Books and education in her homeland are the great wealth of a Bulgarian woman in Paris

Plamena Teneva-Mann has been living in France for 20 years now. She left Bulgaria immediately after graduating from the Technical University in Sofia. Her education in the field of telecommunications opened the doors for her to work in large..

20.03.21 07:00 |

Organized speleology in Bulgaria marks its 92nd anniversary

The beginnings of organized caving in Bulgaria were laid on 18 March, 1920. Since 1975 speleologists in this country have been entering information into a data base of Bulgarian caves – at this time it includes information and maps of more..

18.03.21 09:05 |

Online shopping is convenient but can also be a trap for naive users

World Consumer Rights Day is marked today. It has been held under the auspices of Consumers International since 1962 and in Bulgaria consumer protection has been a topic since 1991. During these  thirty years, Bulgarians have changed..

15.03.21 16:27 |

A lady from Bulgaria who teaches children in France how to admire and take care of nature

A sunny town in the heart of France, cathedrals with spires and small one-family homes with beautifully arranged gardens, that is what Clermont- Ferrand is like, a town which stole the heart of a Bulgarian lady, a town where she has been living..

09.03.21 14:48 |

Combating obesity is as important as fighting Covid-19

Two in three Bulgarians are overweight. With regard to this tendency, Bulgaria is running ahead of European and world obesity trends, indicate the latest data of the World Health Organization on occasion of the World Obesity Day marked on March 4. More..

04.03.21 14:58 |

Shared heritage with a view to the future

A Festive Alley of Traditional Arts and Crafts is organized on March 3 by Sofia’s Regional Chamber of Crafts in the resort area Bankya. The occasion is Bulgaria’s National Holiday, and the goal is to see how the beautiful artefacts of the..

02.03.21 13:50 |