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Holiday in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is an all year round destination for travel and tourism. In this section, you can find rich information about your unforgettable and emotional vacation in Bulgaria.

We present attractive holiday destinations, urban and rural holidays, mountain hikes, eco routes, places for sports and other outdoor entertainment. We also tell you about unique sites of cultural tourism, customs, folklore fairs, concerts, festivals, etc.

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The lights of Sofia

The International LUNAR Festival of Lights took place in Sofia for the first time, attracting great interest. For four days citizens and guests to the city enjoyed impressive light installations that transformed the city center. Read more about the..

published on 5/10/22 11:57 AM

Camping tourism gains momentum in Bulgaria

Since the beginning of the pandemic, uncertainty and ever-changing anti-epidemic measures have forced people to look for new ways to relax - away from the crowds and closer to nature . Camping has thus gained new relevance. In Bulgaria,..

published on 4/26/22 1:29 PM

St. Anastasia Island and exotic fisherman village Chengene Skele are opening the tourist season before Easter

Sea trips to the beautiful island of St. Anastasia and the cultural and historical complex Chengene Skele near Burgas will be resumed in the next few days, reports Bgtourism.bg. The ships to St. Anastasia depart from the port of Burgas...

published on 4/11/22 4:25 PM

How snails turned into a major Black Sea tourist attraction

We only notice it if we hear a crunch beneath our feet, though it deserves much more attention and… respect! Because it is an outstanding healer, and what is more – it is delicious! Meet Helix Aspersa Maxima – a species of mollusk, and more..

published on 4/5/22 1:25 PM

Taking a trip to two of the lesser known monasteries near Sofia

There are many small monasteries in the environs of Bulgaria’s capital city Sofia, known from medieval times as the Sofia Mount Athos . There are around 40 of them, but few have buildings still standing from the time they were founded. Most..

published on 4/4/22 12:33 PM

Students from the University of Veliko Tarnovo present a photo guide named “Discover Bulgaria with Us”

Students majoring in Tourism at the St. Cyril and St. Methodius University of Veliko Tarnovo presented the second edition of the photo guide named “Discover Bulgaria with Us”. The photo guide includes well-known and brand new tourist sites..

published on 1/9/22 10:30 AM

Where to go in Berkovitsa for a winter’s weekend?

Instead of going to the packed ski resorts Borovets, Bansko and Pamporovo, more than a few chose to celebrate New Year’s Eve 2022 in Berkovitsa, a small town nestled at the foot of peak Kom in the Balkan Mountains. Hotels, guest houses..

published on 1/9/22 10:15 AM

In the spirit of Christmas

Bulgaria's mediaeval capital Veliko Tarnovo is already pulsating with the spirit of Christmas. 33 Christmas houses in the town's Marno Pole Park offer visitors meat delicacies, hot drinks, folk crafts, handmade gifts and decoupage...

published on 11/29/21 4:53 PM

Rock labyrinth near village of Kranovo is accessible to tourists thanks to new trail route

The rock labyrinth is located 60 kilometers away from the city of Dobrich and one can see it thanks to a 3-kilometer-long marked route on two levels with a starting point in the center of the village of Kranovo. There are maps and signs..

published on 10/31/21 9:35 AM

In Dechko Uzunov's studio

The studio of one of the great Bulgarian artists and intellectuals Dechko Uzunov is again open for visits.  For more than a decade, the building on Sofia's Dragan Tsankov Boulevard No. 24 was not accessible to the public. Art..

published on 10/27/21 1:25 PM