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Корнелия Нинова

Bulgarian Socialist Party calls on President Radev to replace caretaker prime minister

The leader of the Bulgarian Socialist Party Kornelia Ninova, with a declaration on behalf of the party's parliamentary group, has called on President Rumen Radev to replace caretaker Prime Minister Dimitar Glavchev.  Ninova turned to the head of..

17.04.24 11:39 |

Governmental crisis turned into parliamentary crisis, elections are looming

With 226 votes "for", no votes against and one "abstention" at an extraordinary meeting, the National Assembly of Bulgaria decided that the first mandate to form a government with Prime Minister candidate Mariya Gabriel from GERB-SDS ended..

26.03.24 11:41 |

Consultations with President Radev regarding cabinet rotation continue

On March 12, the second day of consultations with representatives of the parliamentary groups in the 49th National Assembly of President Rumen Radev continued in accordance with the Constitution, after the Prime Minister of the first rotating government,..

12.03.24 06:10 |
PM Nikolai Denkov

Prime Minister to brief Parliament on meetings in Ukraine

Today Parliament will hear from Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov and Defence Minister Todor Tagarev. They will answer questions on the Prime Minister's visit to Ukraine.  The hearing is at the request of the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP). The..

29.02.24 07:50 |

Bulgarian troops will not go to Ukraine, PM assures

"No one has raised the issue of sending troops to Ukraine. Zelensky did not raise such an issue," Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov said in response to a motion in the National Assembly by the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) calling for an urgent hearing..

27.02.24 18:10 |
BSP leader Kornelia Ninova

BSP demands the resignation of the government and calls for a two-in-one vote

The Bulgarian Socialist Party demanded the resignation of the government and called for a two-in-one vote for Bulgarian Parliament and European Parliament.  BSP leader Kornelia Ninova assessed the cabinet's work during the nine months..

25.02.24 17:34 |

BSP: There is commitment for accepting unlimited number of migrants in exchange for partial Schengen

BSP leader Korneliya Ninova has announced at a briefing that what the government said on the subject of "Schengen" did not fully reveal the commitments made by Bulgaria, BNR reporter Maria Fileva has informed. According to Ninova, the cabinet had made a..

04.01.24 18:11 |

BSP writes to EU ambassadors about “anti-democratic practices in the country”

In a letter to the ambassadors of the countries of the European Union, the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) expresses its disagreement with the development of the political processes in the country and “the distancing of the country from the..

16.12.23 11:14 |

Opposition disrupts parliamentary session over dismantling of controversial monument

MPs from Vazrazhdane, the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) and There Is Such a People (ITN) formed human chain around the rostrum in parliament in protest. Speaker Rosen Zhelyazkov demanded an explanation of what was happening. "Will someone please..

14.12.23 11:27 |
Vanya Grigorova

BSP may challenge Sofia mayoral election results in court

"The elections are not over for us. We are continuing a parallel count, stage by stage, vote by vote," Zhelyo Boychev of the election headquarters of Sofia mayoral candidate Vanya Grigorova told BNR. A difference of several thousand votes could not be..

06.11.23 09:47 |
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