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Elections poll: GERB - 23.8%, ITN - 20.9, BSP - 18%

The results of the elections on July 11 will repeat the results of the April 4 elections. The new parliament will include the same 6 parties as in the 45th National Assembly, shows a study by the Centre for Analysis and Marketing. GERB remains the..

26.05.21 15:06 |
Kornelia Ninova, Rumen Petkov (middle), Georgi Kadiev

Left-wing political parties unite in coalition for upcoming elections

The Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) has signed an agreement with the ABV party chaired by Rumen Petkov and Georgi Kadiev's civic platform "Normal State" for joint participation in the early parliamentary elections on July 11. The name of the..

22.05.21 13:29 |

BSP also returns government-forming mandate

President Rumen Radev handed an exploratory mandate for the formation of a government to the BSP (Bulgarian Socialist Party) for Bulgaria. BSP leader Kornelia Ninova handed the mandate back. She stated that it had been their desire for Bulgaria to..

05.05.21 11:52 |
President Rumen Radev

Bulgarian President Radev to present the third cabinet-forming mandate to BSP

Today at 11.00 am the Bulgaria President Rumen Radev will hand over an exploratory mandate to form a government to the candidate for Prime Minister nominated by the third largest parliamentary group in the 45th National Assembly - "BSP for Bulgaria" ...

05.05.21 06:50 |

BSP making decision on cabinet-forming mandate

At the National Council today, the Bulgarian Socialist Party has been discussing whether to accept the mandate to form a government, which is expected to be handed over by President Rumen Radev on May 5. Earlier today, at a rally-concert on the..

01.05.21 16:21 |
President Radev

President to give government-forming mandate to BSP for Bulgaria

On May 5, President Rumen Radev will hand over a mandate to form a government to the third largest parliamentary group in the 45th National Assembly - "BSP for Bulgaria", the press office of the head of state reported. BSP..

29.04.21 13:33 |

BSP reaction: ITN throws the state into chaos by returning the mandate

In response to the announcement by the leader of "There is such a people" (ITN) Slavi Trifonov that after receiving a mandate to form a government, the party will immediately return it, the Bulgarian Socialist Party, the third force in the new..

26.04.21 18:02 |
Kornelia Ninova

Bulgarian Socialist Party: Boyko Borissov holds concrete-strong positions in the energy sector

The parliamentary parties seeking change have strengthened Boyko Borissov's positions in the energy sector after rejecting BSP's proposal for a moratorium on all deals and a replacement of managing boards by the outgoing government. This was announced..

20.04.21 17:20 |

Is an “everyone-against-GERB” coalition in parliament possible?

Today President Rumen Radev handed a mandate for the formation of a government to the first political force in parliament – the GERB-SDS coalition. Yesterday’s consultations with the Bulgarian head of state made it clear however that..

20.04.21 14:11 |
President Rumen Radev and Vice-president Iliana Yotova star consultations with parliamentary parties on forming new cabinet

President's consultations on formation of Bulgaria's next government are over

Bulgaria’s President Rumen Radev began consultations with members of the political forces represented at the 45th National Assembly about the formation of new government. "The complicated security environment, the Covid-19 pandemic and the..

19.04.21 17:41 |
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