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Bulgaria does not make provocations in the Black Sea

The situation in the Black Sea is not normal, but everything is under control and should not affect the economic activity and the security of the Bulgarian citizens, Chief of Defense Adm. Emil Eftimov said in Varna commenting on the..

13.08.23 16:15 |

Bulgaria considers Russia's actions in the Black Sea unacceptable

The entry of Russian warships into the exclusive economic zone of the Black Sea countries, including that of Bulgaria, the declaration that parts of the Black Sea’s international waters are unsafe for navigation, is unacceptable and harms the economic..

07.08.23 09:40 |

The US will cooperate more closely with Bulgaria, Moldova, Georgia, Ukraine and Romania

The USA is planning to deepen its cooperation with Bulgaria, Moldova, Georgia, Ukraine and Romania. This is clear from the "Black Sea Security Act" introduced in the US Congress. The document states that the priority will be activities such as..

03.08.23 17:51 |

Burgas Airport welcomes its one millionth passenger

A week earlier than last year, the millionth tourist was welcomed on Bulgaria's Southern Black Sea coast. This is Yvonne Becker, who arrived with her family on a flight from Berlin for a holiday in Obzor. The charter plane was greeted with a water..

02.08.23 13:48 |
Defence Minister Todor Tagarev

Russia’s ships inside Bulgaria’s exclusive economic zone will be a problem for the exploration of offshore gas fields, defence minister says

“Russia is a Black Sea country and it is waging a war. For the time being the military exercise inside Bulgaria’s economic zone, announced by Moscow, is not a problem for the transport corridors but it will become a problem if we want to send a ship..

01.08.23 11:56 |

A holiday by the sea

At the height of summer, and with temperatures hitting sizzling highs, everyone wants to spend time by the sea. Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast has a lot to offer in summer besides beaches – sporting activities, cultural tourism, natural..

28.07.23 15:09 |
NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg

NATO: Russia’s new warning area in the Black Sea, within Bulgaria’s exclusive economic zone, has created new risks

NATO condemned Russia's "dangerous" moves to block Ukrainian grain exports in the Black Sea. Allies noted that Russia’s new warning area in the Black Sea, within Bulgaria’s exclusive economic zone, has created new risks for miscalculation and..

27.07.23 08:44 |

Ravda celebrates on Saint Paraskeva's Day

On today's Day of St. Paraskeva - patroness of Ravda and patron of the local church, one of Bulgaria's most famous Black Sea villages will celebrate its holiday. The day will begin with the traditional solemn liturgy in the church named after the..

26.07.23 08:05 |

People can safely vacation at the Bulgarian Black Sea coast: WTTC president

"I spoke with a number of experts who are adamant that there is no pollution in the Black Sea. The information that has appeared is part of a negative campaign that is not based on facts. I can responsibly state to the world that the Black Sea is clean..

24.07.23 12:17 |

Bulgarian ships take part in international naval exercises in the Black Sea

The joint Bulgarian-Romanian naval exercises Poseidon 2023 have started, and will go on until 21 July in the Romanian town of Constanta, and the Romanian maritime area. The exercise involves destroying mines and unexploded NATO format ordnance..

14.07.23 11:14 |
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