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Krasimir Karailiev from Bratislava: We must protect Bulgaria and show it to the world

Krasimir Karailiev was born in Slovakia, but his ancestry is from Bulgaria. He is a descendant of Bulgarian gardeners, whose fame spread to a number of European countries towards the end of the 19th and in the first half of the 20th century. The memory..

11.04.24 06:00 |

BNR’s multimedia exhibition about Sirak Skitnik visits Bratislava

On February 22, the virtual exhibition "Let's ask Siraka - 140 years since the birth of Sirak Skitnik" will be presented in Bratislava. The exhibition, work by Prof. Boyan Dobrev, a lecturer at the National Academy of Arts, and a team..

21.02.24 14:41 |

Bulgaria's Vice President presents a plaque to the Bulgarian Secondary School in Bratislava

In recognition of the significant long-term role in the promotion of the Bulgarian language and culture in Slovakia and the maintenance of good bilateral relations, Bulgaria's Vice President Iliana Iotova awarded the honorary plaque of the vice president..

24.11.23 11:54 |

Festival of Bulgarian Culture and Art in Bratislava opens with Diana Express concert

The Festival of Bulgarian Culture and Art opens today in the yard of the Zichy palace in Bratislava, Slovakia with a concert by Diana Express. The festival is organized by the Bulgarian Cultural Institute in Bratislava, and has a history going..

12.09.23 09:35 |
Denitsa Sekulichka

Bulgarians in Slovakia: Our heart beats to the rhythm of Bulgaria

Spreading Bulgarian culture around the world and preserving our national identity in Slovakia - this is what Denica Sekoulitchka, chairwoman of the Bulgarian Cultural Union in Bratislava and editor of the Bulgarian "Sanarodnik"..

09.01.23 12:43 |

Marina Stoycheva feels very comfortable living in Bratislava but misses the taste of Bulgaria

The Slavic nations of Europe have quite a few things in common. We often find similarities in the origin of different words and their meaning, sometimes in traditions as well. We, Bulgarians tend to think of the capital of Czechia as a tourist..

06.12.22 14:20 |
Ivet Goranova

Another gold medal for Tokyo Olympic champion Ivet Goranova

Olympic champion from Tokyo 2020 Ivet Goranova won a gold medal in kumite up to 55 kg at the Grand Prix Karate tournament in Bratislava. Goranova recorded four consecutive victories in Slovakia, and in the final she prevailed by 5:3 points..

27.03.22 13:59 |
Ambassador Manuel Korcek

Ambassador Manuel Korcek: Bulgaria and Slovakia are not unfamiliar partners

2020 marks the 100 th anniversary since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Bulgaria and Czechoslovakia. Regrettably, the coronavirus pandemic has caused the celebration of such memorable events to be cancelled. In..

17.11.20 14:26 |
President Radev in Bratislava

Rumen Radev awards Bulgarian "Hristo Botev" School in Bratislava with presidential plaque

Bulgarian President Rumen Radev has awarded Bulgarian Secondary School "Hristo Botev" in Bratislava with the "St. St. Cyril and Methodius" plaque. During his official visit to the Slovak Republic President Radev visited the school, which is one of the..

20.06.18 19:00 |

70th anniversary of the Bulgarian School in Bratislava

In November 1948 the Bulgarian school in Bratislava opened doors to carry out its mission of keeping the Bulgarian spirit, culture and traditions at the center of Europe. The first alumni were 44 children of Bulgarian market gardeners who had..

23.05.18 16:13 |
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