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Nature Fest in Sofia - a celebration that draws attention to urban ecology

"Autumn is a time for reaping what has been sown, for rejoicing in what has been achieved, for reflecting. Autumn is that beautiful moment when nature puts on its most spectacular show - the last one before sinking into sleep. This autumn we celebrate..

30.09.23 08:40 |
Underwater photo of Ruppia Maritima from the peripheral part of northern Atanasovo Lake. 19 August 2022, Burgas

Restoring coastal ecosystems - Mission possible: continuation

We present to your attention the journalistic study "Restoring coastal ecosystems - mission possible".  The research is the work of BNR journalist Assia Chaneva*. Assia Chaneva's journalistic research "Restorating coastal ecosystems - a..

14.02.23 09:46 |

The colony of pink flamingos near Burgas is growing 

Nearly 2,300 pink flamingos inhabit Atanasovsko l ake   in Burgas. The data are from the last bird census in October, monitored by the "Lagoon of Life" project of the Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation. Flamingo numbers began to increase rapidly in..

16.11.22 14:06 |

Why are pink flamingoes flocking to Bulgaria's Atanasovsko Lake

In the midst of the frosty winter, citizens of Bulgaria’s coastal city Burgas enjoy an exotic view. The Atanasovsko Lake, located in its vicinity, seems to be coloured in pink. What’s the reason? Here, for the second year in a row, a large..

01.02.21 15:40 |

Four routes around Lake Atanasovsko await their visitors

Lake Atanasovsko located on Bulgaria’s southern Black Sea coast is suitable for year-round hiking and biking tours. Recently, the Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation (BBF) presented 4 routes to the lake, which have already been uploaded..

19.12.20 05:25 |
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