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Reuters Institute: BNR and Bulgarian National TV lead at brand level

At the brand level, public broadcasters Bulgarian National Television and Bulgarian National Radio lead with 60% and 59%, respectively,  the Reuters Institute writes in its digital news report 2024. Trust in the news is down almost 10pp over..

17.06.24 16:34 |
Studio 1

BNR Folk Music Orchestra presents "Music in Portraits"

In Studio 1 of the BNR, the Folk Music Orchestra with conductor Dimitar Hristov will present "Music in Portraits" on May 23. The audience will hear singer Magdalena Karamiteva, kaval player Dimitar Karamitev and piper Dimitar Gugov,..

23.05.24 07:50 |

BNR, BTA and BNT launch joint initiative “14 Centuries of Bulgaria in Europe”

The Bulgarian National Television (BNT), the Bulgarian National Radio (BNR) and the Bulgarian News Agency (BTA) announced a joint initiative "14 centuries of Bulgaria in Europe" for the 1350th anniversary of the establishment of the First Bulgarian..

21.05.24 09:45 |

BNR with its own TikTok channel

As of 9 May, the Bulgarian National Radio has an official TikTok channel where users will be able to find information, but also fun videos from the on-air broadcasts of all channels, the inner workings of the BNR, and the people working for the..

09.05.24 10:03 |
Noel Curran, EBU director general, in BNR's studios

EBU Director General Noel Curran: Radio has a great future in this new digital world

"The role of media, particularly in radio, is to maintain the trust and connection that we have with the audience, and I think we need to change, develop and transform," said Noel Curran, Director General of the European Broadcasting Union , in an..

13.02.24 15:04 |

The radio we trust in a changing world

Today, as radio enters its second century "in the service of mankind", radio stations from all continents join World Radio Day on February 13 under the theme "Radio: a century of informing, entertaining and educating". They celebrate radio's remarkable..

13.02.24 11:55 |

Romanian National Radio greets the BNR on the occasion of its 89th anniversary

The holiday of the Bulgarian National Radio today echoed in the news of Radio Romania. The media in Bulgaria's northern neighbor published information on the occasion of the 89th anniversary of the public radio in Bulgaria.  "We appreciate and..

25.01.24 18:34 |

The Bulgarian National Radio celebrates its 89th anniversary

On January 25 the Bulgarian National Radio celebrates its 89 th anniversary. On January 25. 1935, Tsar Boris III signed the decree by force of which the Bulgarian National Radio was created. At a ceremony this evening, the BNR is to present its..

25.01.24 05:05 |

Names from “Bulgarian ambassadors of culture 2023” campaign announced

The names of the 12 men and women of culture in the Bulgarian National Radio’s campaign “Bulgarian ambassadors of culture 2023” were announced at a ceremony at the Sofia City Art Gallery last night. The Bulgarian ambassadors of culture for..

21.12.23 08:39 |
BNR Director General Milen Mitev

BNR Director General: Public service media are now more necessary than ever

The director general of the Bulgarian National Radio, Milen Mitev, has been  unanimously elected member of the executive board of the European Broadcasting Union   (EBU). This took place at the 91st regular session of the General Assembly of the EBU..

13.12.23 12:02 |
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