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Iliana Iotova: "Sunday schools are the most visible result of the policy for Bulgarians abroad"

The University of Lisbon hosted the educational forum "Innovative methods and materials for teaching Bulgarian history and geography of Bulgaria in Bulgarian schools abroad" .  The event which took place between March 14 to 16 was carried out under..

21.03.24 16:53 |

Parliament adopts amendments to Bulgarian Citizenship Act at first reading

With 154 votes “for”, none “against” and 22 “abstained” MPs from the Movement for Rights and Freedoms, the National Assembly adopted, at first reading, amendments to the Bulgarian Citizenship Act. Fluency in the Bulgarian language will be a must..

21.02.24 11:42 |
Assoc. Prof. Natalia Nyagolova

Assoc. Prof. Natalia Nyagolova from Rome: In Italy, there is interest in studying the Bulgarian language

"La Sapienza" in Rome is one of the oldest and most prestigious Italian universities, founded in 1303. Today it is the largest university in Europe by the number of full-time students. Similar to other higher education institutions in Italy, the..

07.02.24 17:30 |
Photo: Vasil Levski Bulgarian Theoretical Lyceum

Vasil Levski Lyceum - a temple of the Bulgarian spirit in Chisinau

"Created and developed with sincere love and thought for the motherland Bulgaria" - this would be the definition of the Vasil Levski Bulgarian Theoretical Lyceum in the Moldovan capital, Chisinau, if there was an explanatory dictionary of educational..

15.01.24 14:40 |

Bulgarians in Norway want a direct Sofia-Oslo flight

Norway is not a country known to attract large numbers of immigrants from Bulgaria. Nevertheless, there are around 6,000 Bulgarian citizens registered at the Bulgarian embassy in the Norwegian capital Oslo. Most Bulgarians in Norway work in..

28.11.23 14:15 |
Milena Selimi

Milena Selimi: Bulgarians in Albania need teachers and attention

Since 2017, the Bulgarian national minority has been officially recognized by ‎the Albanian state, and since June 2023, its representative in the Committee of ‎National Minorities in Albania is Milena Selimi - writer, translator, journalist, ‎with..

13.11.23 12:08 |
The Bulgarian school in Boston and Cape Cod

The Bulgarian school in Boston and Cape Cod is preparing for the first day of school

September has already started and the Bulgarian children living abroad are returning to the Saturday-Sunday Bulgarian schools, where they will accumulate knowledge of the Bulgarian language, history, culture and traditions. "We have accumulated..

15.09.23 14:03 |
Elena Antimova and the chamber orchestra of the Sunday School

Music helps the ‎children of the Bulgarian School in New Jersey learn Bulgarian

On September 10, the school bell rang to announce the start of the new ‎school year for Bulgarian children in central and northern New Jersey. The ‎doors of the Roden Krai Bulgarian School New Jersey are open to all our ‎compatriots who wish to maintain..

11.09.23 14:51 |

Ministry of Education denies considering the study of Bulgarian as a foreign language when non-native

The Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science has come out with proposal that Bulgarian should be studied as a foreign language when non-native, said  Yanka Takeva, chair of the Bulgarian Teachers' Union , in an interview with BNR-Varna on..

30.08.23 15:17 |
Yanka Takeva

Education Ministry mulls changes in studying Bulgarian language by non-native children

The Bulgarian Ministry of Education has come out with proposal that Bulgarian should be studied as a foreign language by non-native children. This was announced by Yanka Takeva, chairman of the Bulgarian Teachers' Union, to BNR Varna. Takeva defined the..

29.08.23 14:24 |
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