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Veliko Tarnovo University

Romanian translator is the first to register for International Summer Seminar on Bulgarian language and culture

The translator Maria Lupescu from Bucharest is the first to submit her documents for this year's edition of the International Summer Seminar on Bulgarian Language and Culture , which will take place from July 12 to August 1 in the town of Veliko..

13.04.21 19:30 |

Patrice Rayssac – the amateur photographer from France who loves to take pictures of the Bulgarian seashore

What does the south of France and the northern portion of Bulgaria’s seashore have in common? Here is one possible answer – Patrice Rayssac. “I come from the south of France, near Toulouse. It is a big town between an ocean and a sea and..

23.03.21 11:01 |

British vlogger Jamal: Bulgaria helped me become a better person

It all happened quite spontaneously. Three years ago, Rhyes Douglas visited Bulgaria’s second largest city Plovdiv on his friend’s recommendation. Rhyes Douglas is a British digital nomad who lives wherever he wants and works remotely...

18.01.21 17:12 |

Young people from four continents to recite Bulgarian poetry at Christmas

Mariano from Peru dreams of being able to, one day, come and live on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Lara from Portugal wants to go to lectures at a Bulgarian university. But to be able to do that they both need to learn Bulgarian. And..

22.12.20 09:00 |

On Bulgarians in Albania in a historical context and more

The communist government in Bulgaria wasted the strategic chance of the Bulgarian community in Albania to study its mother tongue in schools In 1948 Bulgaria refusedto send teachers for the Bulgarian community in Albania,..

04.07.20 06:20 |

At two schools in the UK – in Portsmouth and Bournemouth - Bulgarian children learn to read and write in their native language

Ten years ago Maya Nikolova emigrated from Bulgaria to Great Britain. There, she met several young families from Bulgaria who wanted their children to practice their native language. But in Bournemouth, where Maya lives, there was nowhere..

17.06.20 10:39 |
Приистанището на Яфо

Bulgarian literary circle in Israel's Yafo

Captivated by the Bulgarian language, culture and literature, a group of intellectuals unite around the literary circle "Ray of Light" in Tel Aviv's oldest part – Yafo (Jaffa). The idea belongs to Moni Papo – winner of the state award for high..

25.05.20 06:50 |
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences - main building in central Sofia

Bulgarian scholars: Language of North Macedonia is variant of Bulgarian

The official language of the Republic of North Macedonia is a southwestern written regional norm of the Bulgarian language and can therefore be designated as North Macedonian Bulgarian. This conclusion has been reached by scientists from the Bulgarian..

07.05.20 17:39 |
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Bulgarian Academy of Sciences is firm that "Macedonian language" is Bulgarian dialect

The management of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS) has disagreed with the adopted "Charter of the Macedonian Language" by the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts. The charter constructed historical and linguistic arguments in defense of..

11.12.19 19:04 |

Bulgarian language should be irrevocable requirement for obtaining Bulgarian citizenship

We have a quota of 2,000 people, yet we are not able to attract students from abroad who have Bulgarian self-awareness, said Vice-President Iliyana Yotova at the opening of the Summer Seminar on Bulgarian Language and Culture held at Veliko Tarnovo..

15.07.19 14:41 |
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