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Bulgarian weightlifter Karlos Nasar sets new world record and wins gold in Bogota

Karlos Nasar won gold in the clean and jerk and broke the world record at the World Weightlifting Championships in Bogota (Colombia). The 18-year-old Bulgarian made three unsuccessful attempts in the snatch, before achieving a..

12.12.22 14:38 |

Scholars of Bulgarian studies gather in Sofia for forum dedicated to the Cyrillic

Vice President Iliana Iotova has organized an international forum dedicated to the Cyrillic alphabet called "We have also given something to the world". On November 7, famous Bulgarian scholars from Austria, Belgium, Germany,..

07.11.22 07:50 |

Components produced in Bulgaria will soon be present in every European car

Bulgaria has been proud of the fact that 9 out of 10 cars in Europe have parts in them that were produced in this country. In the near future Bulgarian components will be present in every European car as we have a confirmation from a..

05.10.22 11:36 |

Bathhouse in Bankya near Sofia opens its doors after restoration

A day of open doors will be held today in the building of the renovated mineral bathhouse in the Bankya resort, located near Sofia. Those interested will be able to see the renovated historical building, which is about to open its doors soon...

29.09.22 07:00 |

Bulgarian wrestler Andrey Atanasov reaches semi-final in World Cadets Wrestling Championships in Rome

Andrey Atanasov qualified for the semifinals of the 2022 World Cadets Wrestling Championships that started today in the Italian capital of Rome. Tonight Atanasov will wrestle for medal in the category of up to 80 kg in the classic..

25.07.22 16:47 |

Bulgarian Air Force intercept trainer aircraft with transponder shut off and make it land

On July 13, the Air Force intercepted a small Cessna-150 aircraft, the Bulgarian Ministry of Defense has reported. After locating the aircraft flying without permission over the town of Svishtov, MiG-29 jets escorted it to an airport..

14.07.22 17:28 |

Forestry sector provides 5% of Bulgarian GDP

The forestry sector is vital for Bulgaria because it creates jobs and contributes to 5% of GDP. Speaking to foresters and representatives of the woodworking and furniture industry in the town of Troyan, Deputy Minister of Agriculture Valentin Chambov..

16.06.22 18:29 |

Government debt spending is on the rise without budget update

If the budget update was not approved, the cost of servicing government debt would become higher, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Assen Vassilev pointed out and added that the changes in the budget envisage the limit of new government..

16.06.22 18:15 |

Prominent Bulgarians receive presidential awards for their contribution to culture and science

On the eve of May 24, President Rumen Radev presented state awards to six renowned Bulgarian scientists. These are academicians Ivan Popchev and Nikola Sabotinov, as well as professors Petko Salchev, Miliana Kaimakamova, Stoyan Karaivanov and..

23.05.22 18:32 |

Librarians in Bulgaria start protests over low salaries

Librarians are launching protests across the country calling for higher salaries. This was what the trade unions of the Regional Libraries announced. The organization reminds that on December 18, 2020 an Additional Agreement was..

20.05.22 07:20 |
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