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The Bulgarian passport opens an increasing number of borders

Holders of a Bulgarian passport can enter the territory of 176 destinations , which places them in 13th place in the Henley & Partners Passport Index. In the third quarter of 2023, Bulgaria shares the position with Monaco and..

20.07.23 13:11 |
Nikolai Denkov

Council of EU accepts Bulgarian position in defense of rose oil

On the last day of the Swedish Presidency of the Council of the European Union, the Member States approved a legislative proposal preserving the previous approach to classifying essential oils, which Bulgaria also contributed to...

02.07.23 16:13 |

Vanya Yordanova and the worlds she depicts in her books

Vanya Yordanova is young, talented and loves to depict worlds. A small part of them are included in her first collection of poems “ Risuvam mechti” (“I Draw Dreams”), which was published in 2021. Recently, her first collection of..

20.06.23 13:55 |

Dream, Boris Hristov’s first single in Bulgarian

Dream is Boris Hristov’s new single. And though it is his third song, it is his first written and performed in the Bulgarian language, provoked by his fans’ wish to hear him perform his music, created and interpreted in Bulgarian. The..

13.06.23 09:50 |

Bulgarian embroideries and the comfort of near and dear brought Jasmina Atanasova back to Bulgaria

Many Bulgarians returned to their homeland during the Covid-19 pandemic. Their number or how many of them have decided to stay in the country after the crisis remains unknown as there are no statistics. Either way, we have reason to believe that a..

11.06.23 23:20 |
Cape Town

Bulgarian representative to participate in murder investigation in South Africa

The authorities in the Republic of South Africa have confirmed to the Bulgarian Ministry of the Interior that a Bulgarian representative will be admitted to the investigation of the murder of Krasimir Kamenov - Kuro and three other..

30.05.23 11:30 |

MFA: No information has been provided by the Russian authorities about the Bulgarian detainee

The Bulgarian authorities are still waiting for official information from Moscow on the identity and whereabouts of the Bulgarian citizen detained by the Russian authorities, caretaker Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivan Kondov said at an emergency..

04.05.23 19:31 |

Passing on the richness of the mother tongue

Today we celebrate International Women's Day in recognition of the economic, political and social achievements of women around the world. And although we live in a society where gender equality is not a problem, but a condition and a democratic value,..

08.03.23 06:25 |

Bulgarian and Macedonian Metropolitans celebrated a joint Holy Liturgy for the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord

For today's celebration of the great Christian feast of the Presentation of the Lord , Bulgarian and Macedonian Metropolitans celebrated the Holy Liturgy in the Metropolitan Church of St. Marina in Plovdiv. This is the first joint service with clergy..

02.02.23 15:11 |
Deputy Minister Sabev

New program to support traditional local products

A framework program for local and regional traditional products will be presented today by Deputy Minister of Agriculture Georgi Sabev. Producers of traditional products will participate in the event. The purpose of the program,..

23.12.22 06:10 |
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