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Spring Grains for Abundant Winter– a new festival celebrates the bond between Dobrudja people and their fertile land

Krushari, a scenic village in the fertile plain of Dobrudzha, is getting ready for the first ever Spring Grains for Abundant Winter festival, which will take place on 17 September in the park of the village.   The concept is to popularize..

17.09.22 10:05 |

Green Center in Shabla reveals prehistoric secrets to visitors

The place that welcomes sunrise in Bulgaria first is one of the few areas of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast that has preserved its natural beauty. An attractive place for lovers of camping and non-standard adventures , the town of Shabla..

31.07.22 08:05 |

Administrative Court revokes declination of Environment and Water Inspectorate regarding gas extraction in Dobrich

The Supreme Administrative Court upheld the decision of the Administrative Court - Varna of January 2022, which re voked  the  declination of the Regional Inspectorate  for  Environment and Water-Varna regarding the prosecting and extraction..

05.07.22 19:30 |

Bulgaria expects no shortage of cooking oil, flour and corn

Nearly 90% of the wheat, sunflower and corn sown in Bulgaria are imported hybrid varieties, although these are the three most important crops for Bulgaria’s agriculture. Wheat is the most widely grown crop in Bulgaria covering between 1 and 1.2..

26.05.22 10:30 |

Inflation, good harvests and high rental rates make price of agricultural land jump

The most expensive Bulgarian agricultural land in Dobrudzha has reached a new peak in the price of over 2,000 euros per decare in some deals, real estate brokers in Dobrich region have told BTA. There is great interest in agricultural land as the..

22.04.22 11:16 |

Geranea- the wild paradise of Dobrudzha

Geranea Eco Park is located amidst the fertile plains of Dobrudzha region and covers an area of 7,000 hectares of land. It is located several kilometers away from Bulgaria’s coastal resorts of Albena and Golden Sands and only 35 kilometers from this..

12.09.20 07:05 |

Photo exhibition traces the return of Southern Dobrudzha within the bounds of Bulgaria

“Dobrudzha 1940” .   This is the title of a photo exhibition opening in Varna on 11 September. It is part of the events marking the 80 th anniversary since the signing of the Treaty of Craiova and the return of Southern Dobrudzha within the bounds of..

12.09.20 05:05 |

Dobrudzha – rich in people and traditions

Known as the “Granary of Bulgaria”, in recent years the northeastern part of Bulgaria has been actively developing as a tourist destination. Apart from the Black Sea pearl of Dobrudzha – the resort of Albena, the region is rich in natural and..

04.07.20 05:00 |

Kalinka Valcheva: “The song and stage are my life”

Bulgarian folk singer Kalinka Valcheva has a career worth noting. Her sparking soprano voice attracts the listener’s attention. She easily uses complicated musical ornaments in slow songs just as she sings dance melodies typical for her native..

05.12.17 12:26 |

Dobrudzha protesters against natural gas extraction set ultimatum

Following close to four hours of discussions in the town of General Toshevo, Dobrudzha region (Northeastern Bulgaria), the final public debate of investment plans for natural gas prospecting and extraction in the Spasovo field has come to an end...

28.10.17 16:55 |

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