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Two-thirds of people in Sofia say inflation and prices are the most important problem: Survey

Vassil Terziev, candidate for mayor of Sofia nominated by PP/DB and Save Sofia would win 33.4% of the votes if the local election was this week , Georgi Georgiev (GERB/SDS) – 22.7%, Deyan Nikolov (Vazrazhdane) – 12%, Vanya Grigorova (Bulgarian..

28.07.23 15:57 |

It is unlikely that Bulgaria will adopt the euro by 2025

Higher inflation compared to the average values for the European Union and low growth rates - this is predicted by the macroeconomic forecast for Bulgaria until 2025 of the Institute for Economic Research of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences ...

21.05.23 11:10 |
Mariya Gabriel

GERB's Premier Designate to request the dismissal of prosecutor general Geshev

GERB-SDS’ Prime Minister Designate Mariya Gabriel outlined her main priorities before the meetings with the parliamentary forces. “The first thing that the Minister of Justice in my cabinet will do is to submit to the Supreme Judicial Council a..

11.05.23 10:54 |

Eurozone membership is a priority for Bulgaria's caretaker cabinet

Bulgaria is making efforts to be ready to adopt the euro no later than January 1, 2025 , the Ministry of Finance said in connection with media publications related to the topic. The country's preparations and progress towards Eurozone membership were..

04.05.23 14:00 |

Political forces continue talks on the priorities of the National Assembly

One day before the start of the working week of the new National Assembly, the talks between the political forces continue at the initiative of the largest parliamentary group - GERB–SDS.  On Monday, GERB-SDS met with the second political force We..

18.04.23 08:49 |
Vasil Velev

BICA: The budget deficit will reach 7% if nothing changes

The national priorities must be Schengen membership by the end of this year, entering the Eurozone by January 2025 and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) by 2026, said the Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association..

14.04.23 17:25 |

In a year, it will probably become clear whether Bulgaria is ready for the Eurozone: Dombrovskis

In the spring of 2024, the report, which will report whether the country's economic indicators allow us to introduce the single European currency, will show whether Bulgaria is ready for the euro. According to the Vice-President of the European..

08.04.23 18:02 |
Deputy Prime Minister for EU Funds Management Atanas Pekanov

Deputy Premier Pekanov: Bulgaria could adopt the euro from 2025

"I hope that Bulgaria will join the Eurozone on January 1, 2025", caretaker Deputy Prime Minister for EU Funds Management Atanas Pekanov said before an expert debate in Sofia themed "Is Bulgaria Ready for the Eurozone?". It is just a matter of time..

22.03.23 08:49 |
Dimitar Radev, BNR governor

Dimitar Radev: The political crisis has delayed Bulgaria's entry into the Eurozone

The political crisis is at the root of the delay in Bulgaria's accession to the Eurozone . This was stated by the governor of the Bulgarian National Bank, Dimitar Radev, in his first public appearance, after it became clear that the target date -..

24.02.23 15:23 |

Caretaker government has brought inflation under control, President Radev tells Valdis Dombrovskis

"We are fully aware of the obstacles on the way to Eurozone membership, which include inflation and pending adoption of laws." This is what President Rumen Radev said during the meeting with Executive Vice President of the European Commission for..

23.02.23 18:34 |
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