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Inflation hinders Bulgaria's entry into the Eurozone

Bulgaria will not be able to join the Eurozone at the beginning of 2024, because it has not adopted three crucial bills and does not meet the inflation criterion. According to experts, the country may adopt the single currency in mid-2024 at the..

23.02.23 11:08 |

The Central Election Commission should not be interfered with, President Radev says

There must be no interference in the work of the Central Election Commission, President Rumen Radev said, in a comment on the decision by the Central Election Commission for the votes from the paper ballots and from the voting machines at the..

21.02.23 12:44 |

EC to support Bulgaria's efforts in joining the euro zone

The European Commission welcomes Bulgaria's continued ambition to join the euro area when all criteria for this are met , the institution told BNR following the news that Bulgaria will miss its January 1, 2024 target date for joining the euro zone...

18.02.23 12:13 |
Caretaker Minister of Finance Rositsa Velkova

Finance Minister Velkova: Bulgaria will not adopt the Euro on January 1, 2024

Bulgaria will not adopt the Euro as of January 1, 2024, caretaker Minister of Finance Rositsa Velkova said. At the Eurogroup meeting at the beginning of this week Bulgaria was not heard about its readiness, although the topic was on the agenda. The..

17.02.23 16:25 |

Ivailo Kalfin: We should not compare Eurozone membership to some sporting achievement

Bulgaria has its interest and should try as quickly as possible to approach the average European levels in terms of economic productivity and income level. This is what Ivailo Kalfin, former foreign minister, former deputy prime..

05.02.23 11:57 |

"We Continue the Change" and DB say other parties conspire against Bulgaria's entry into the Eurozone

"We Continue the Change" and "Democratic Bulgaria" have accused the other five parties represented in parliament of a conspiracy against the admission of Bulgaria to the Eurozone. Martin Dimitrov from DB insisted on the immediate..

31.01.23 15:40 |
Ivaylo Shopski

Steering committee initiates petition for referendum on Bulgaria’s Eurozone membership

A steering committee has started a petition for a referendum on the preservation of the Bulgarian Lev, the organizers said at a press conference at the BTA. "We are here to prevent this national cause from being privatised by one..

10.01.23 13:17 |
Hristo Ivanov

"Democratic Bulgaria" coalition is ready to head a technocratic cabinet

"Democratic Bulgaria" coalition is ready to take responsibility and propose a technocratic cabinet that will solve 5 high-priority tasks. It will not resolve political division, but will highlight the national interest", the coalition's co-chairman..

10.01.23 11:49 |
Deputy Premier for EU Funds Management Atanas Pekanov

Bulgaria needs a functioning Parliament to enter the eurozone

The National Assembly must adopt 3 laws in order for Bulgaria to enter the Eurozone in 2024, caretaker Deputy Premier for EU Funds Management Atanas Pekanov said for the BNT. There are two main criteria for eurozone accession - inflation and legal..

19.12.22 11:03 |

Kostadin Kostadinov: We are ready to hold conversations and defend policies

At the consultations with the fourth parliamentary force - "Vazrazhdane", to form a cabinet, President Rumen Radev pointed out that the crises in Bulgaria require us to have a regular government that makes decisions with a long-term horizon. "The task..

09.11.22 16:00 |
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