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Photos: personal archive, BNR Burgas

Georgi Gospodinov reveals the hidden messages of Bulgarian banknotes

Writer Georgi Gospodinov presented in Burgas one of his less known works entitled “The Cracks of the Canon”. It is divided into two parts. The first one renders an analysis of some of the less popular works of renowned Bulgarian writers Hristo Botev,..

03.07.22 11:15 |
 Olga Tokarczuk

Nobel Prize winner Olga Tokarczuk to visit Sofia

Eight years after her first visit to Bulgaria and one Nobel Prize for Literature later, the great Polish writer Olga Tokarczuk is coming to Sofia again. She will be the guest of honour at the first Literary Encounters in Bulgaria - a new..

08.06.22 11:10 |

Bulgarian writer Georgi Gospodinov has been nominated for the Nobel Prize

The Bulgarian writer Georgi Gospodinov has been proposed for the Nobel Prize in Literature. The proposal was signed by the chairwoman of the Bulgarian PEN Club, writer Zdravka Evtimova, with the approval of all 51 members of the Bulgarian branch of the..

25.05.22 19:11 |
Georgi Gospodinov

Georgi Gospodinov’s novel “Time Shelter” tops prestigious Italian ranking

The novel “Time Shelter” by Georgi Gospodinov topped one of the most popular rankings of translated books in Italy, reported L’Indiscreto, BTA reported.  The novel won the highest number of votes in a poll among 620 Italian writes, translators,..

12.12.21 12:11 |
Georgi Gospodinov

Georgi Gospodinov wins the most prestigious literary award in Italy

Bulgarian writer Georgi Gospodinov won the most prestigious literary award in Italy "Premio Strega Europeo". Gospodinov won the award with his novel "Time Shelter" which was among the five finalists in the category translated books. The award was..

18.10.21 09:27 |

Georgi Gospodinov has been nominated for prestigious Italian literary prize

Bulgarian writer Georgi Gospodinov is among the nominees for the most prestigious literary award in Italy "Premio Strega Europeo". His novel "Time Shelter" is among the five finalists in the category of translated books. Gospodinov..

28.09.21 13:02 |

Apollonia Arts Festival opens in Sozopol with a concert by the Sofia Soloists

The 37 th Apollonia Arts Festival is opening today in Sozopol on the Black Sea. As always, the festival programme includes concerts of classical, as well as pop, rock and jazz music. There will be several exhibitions, presentations of new..

30.08.21 14:45 |

Writer Georgi Gospodinov wins Zinklar Award

Bulgarian writer Georgi Gospodinov is this year's winner of the Zinklar Award . The Zinklar Award is given to a Danish or a foreign short story writer appointed by the Danish Writers Association , BNT reported. The award has been bestowed since 2013...

13.08.21 15:55 |

Bulgarian novel “The Physics of Sorrow” to be studied at the Warsaw University

“It’s unbelievable to find “The Physics of Sorrow” exactly among these 15 books for a course in modern literature at the Warsaw University, each of them is among my favorite”, Bulgarian writer Georgi Gospodinov wrote on the social networks..

16.05.21 09:35 |
Georgi Gospodinov

Writer Georgi Gospodinov receives another international award

Bulgarian writer Georgi Gospodinov received the award of the "Usedom Literary Days" Festival, BNR’s "Horizon t " program. The literary forum is named after the Baltic Sea island of Usedom, divided between Germany and Poland. The..

18.04.21 13:47 |

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