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Stargazing in and around Kamen Bryag

As of this summer, tourists coming to Kamen Bryag village, in the Northern portion of Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast, will be able to watch the stars from a modern astronomical observatory outside the village hall. The observatory has an automated..

07.08.23 14:34 |

Tourists can now take a closer look at the stars in Kamen Bryag, home to a brand new astronomical observatory

An automatic astronomical observatory with a dome has been opened in the Black Sea village of Kamen Bryag. The telescope has a 360° range and a digital camera for capturing celestial objects. The observatory was built under the project A Joint Open..

30.07.23 16:45 |

Kamen Bryag and Yailata: Romantic sunrises and times long gone by

Crystal-clear seawater, sheer cliffs and steppe vegetation – there are many places like this to the North of Varna where the road winding across the Dobrudzha plateau leads up to Kamen Bryag and Yailata . The high shores here are studded with..

04.08.22 11:07 |

Minister of Transport Alexiev: The owner of “Vera Su” deliberately let the ship sink

The insurer of the cargo ship Vera Su, which ran aground near Kamen Bryag, will pay the costs of the rescue operation. Otherwise, Bulgaria will bring an action to the court, this country’s caretaker Minister of Transport Hristo Alexiev said at a..

26.10.21 17:23 |

Cargo from stranded ship "Vera Su" has been unloaded

Another attempt to retrieve the ship Vera Su stranded in the rocks near Kamen Bryag has been made. Today, the last 700 cubic meters of nitrogen fertilizer mixed with seawater were unloaded. This has led to the ship being lighter and floating..

25.10.21 18:52 |

Unloading operation of Vera Su continues

The unloading operation of the ship Vera Su which ran aground near Kamen Bryag has continued today. One more attempt is expected to be made to stabilize the ship. Another attempt to pull stuck ship "Vera Su" has failed The 600 cubic..

25.10.21 15:31 |
The Vera Su

Excessive ammonium nitrogen levels and a smell of petroleum products in the vicinity of stranded ship Vera Su

The levels of ammonium nitrogen in the region of Vera Su, the ship which ran aground near Kamen Bryag almost one month ago, are three times higher than the levels that have so far been gauged by the coastguard station, the Ministry of Environment..

16.10.21 16:05 |

Authorities discuss 5 action plans to avoid ecological catastrophe near Bulgaria's Kamen Bryag

A crisis response staff has been formed to resolve the situation with the Vera Su ship near Bulgaria's Kamen Bryag on the Black Sea coast, said Bulgarian Minister of Transport Hristo Alexiev. "We have several priorities - the environment and human..

29.09.21 13:43 |

The ship stranded at Bulgaria's Black Sea coast near Varna threatens the ecosystem

For seven days now, the ship "Vera Su" remains stranded next to the rocks of Kamen Bryag with all its cargo on board. During the inspection on the spot, the experts from the Varna Coastal Directorate did not find traces of oil products in the..

26.09.21 11:05 |

Ship runs aground near Kamen Bryag village

A cargo ship ran aground early this morning near Yailata protected area close to Kamen Bryag village, BNR’s Radio Varna reports. The maritime vessel Vera Su was built in 1989 and is operated by a Turkish company. It is a 3,217 gt. ship, 86..

20.09.21 14:14 |
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