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The ship stranded at Bulgaria's Black Sea coast near Varna threatens the ecosystem

Photo: Rumen Sarandev

For seven days now, the ship "Vera Su" remains stranded next to the rocks of Kamen Bryag with all its cargo on board. During the inspection on the spot, the experts from the Varna Coastal Directorate did not find traces of oil products in the sea, the Bulgarian National Television reported.

Independent experts have also conducted an underwater inspection of the ship stranded near Kamen Bryag and claim that there is a leak of nitrogen fertilizer around it. There is a danger that in case of worsening weather the Vera Su ship will crash into the rocks and nitrogen fertilizers will spill into the sea.

According to experts from the Institute of Oceanology in Varna, the leakage of nitrogen fertilizers can lead to serious chemical pollution, which will lead to an increased amount of phytoplankton blooms.

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