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Rose-picking season in Bulgaria starts earlier because of warm spring

Harvesting of the rose petals in Bulgaria has started in the first days of May, reports BGNES. The dry and warm spring is the main reason for the beginning of the rose harvest, said rose grower Peter Simeonov from Kazanlak.  Zara Klisurova of the..

07.05.24 10:15 |

The Kazanlak Thracian tomb was discovered 80 years ago

"Man does not know the way to heaven, but the horse does," says an ancient Thracian proverb. That is why the Thracian kings were necessarily sent to the afterlife together with their horses. Because of the numerous burial mounds of rulers from the..

19.04.24 04:35 |
Росен Желязков

 Kazanlak kicks off National Day celebrations

"March 3 is the day of Bulgaria's liberation, when the country regained its national sovereignty and proudly stood on the map of Europe as a country equal to other European nations. Bow down to our heroes and long live Bulgaria! - said the President of..

03.03.24 09:38 |

Kazanlak to mark the 146th anniversary of the Liberation of Bulgaria with festive ceremony

The events marking 146 years since the Liberation of Bulgaria from the Ottoman rule start at 18:00 on March 2 in the city of Kazanlak, central Bulgaria. The ceremony will take place on Sevtopolis Square in the city, where the Speaker..

02.03.24 10:34 |
Ivan Milev, „Ahinora“, 1925

Children make martenitsas in Kazanlak's newest museum "Ahinora"

During the weekend the children from the town of Kazanlak can take part in the martenitsa workshop organized by the newest museum in Kazanlak "Ahinora", which is a branch of Art Gallery- Kazanlak. The hosts invite all children aged 5 to 12 and..

24.02.24 08:50 |

Bulgarian journalists from 33 countries discuss the topic "Media and ‎Freedom" in Kazanlak

‎"If liberty means anything at all, it is the right to be able to tell people what they ‎don't want to hear." ‎ This quote is inscribed next to the statue of George Orwell outside the BBC ‎building in London. As if to remind all members fourth..

02.06.23 11:04 |

The 120th anniversary of the Rose Festival in Kazanlak will be celebrated in June

The fifty-fifth edition of the pageant "Queen of Roses '2023" will be held on 19 May in the town of Kazanlak. The organizers have prepared a surprise pre-presentation of the contenders for the tiara. The show will be broadcast on large video..

19.05.23 06:45 |

Is Bulgarian rose oil part of a disinformation campaign and will the EC declare it toxic?

It is not true that the EU intends to ban essential oils, including rose oils, it becomes clear from the position of the European Commission quoted by the Bulgarian National Radio. The reaction is in connection with reports that haveemerged that..

06.03.23 12:07 |

Japanese TV station is filming documentary in Bulgaria about the Thracian civilization

One of the leading Japanese TV stations, TBS, is shooting a film in Bulgaria about the history of the ancient Thracians and the sacred wine.   The team is working in the ancient Thracian site Perperikon in the Rhodope Mountain and the Valley of the..

12.01.23 10:36 |

Explosion in "Arsenal" probably caused by technical failure or human error, experts says

The bodies of two women who were missing after the incident in “Arsenal” arms factory in Kazanlak have been found. There are a total of three victims- a 55-year-old man and two women, aged 53 and 43. The man has 8 years of..

05.10.22 10:16 |
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