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The 18th World Meeting of the Bulgarian Media, organized by BTA, has ‎started

Bulgarian journalists from 33 countries discuss the topic "Media and ‎Freedom" in Kazanlak

Photo: BTA

‎"If liberty means anything at all, it is the right to be able to tell people what they ‎don't want to hear." ‎
This quote is inscribed next to the statue of George Orwell outside the BBC ‎building in London. As if to remind all members fourth estate that freedom in ‎the media is not always comfortable, pleasant and light. That's how it was and ‎it should be! ‎

On June 1, the 18th World Meeting of the Bulgarian Media, organized by ‎BTA, began in the Bulgarian town of Kazanlak, and in the spirit of the times, ‎the theme is "Media and Freedom". ‎

‎"This year is a natural continuation of the conversation about truth and ‎salvation in journalism, which we started in 2021, in the Rila Monastery, ‎Bulgaria, and in Tel Aviv, Israel last year," Kiril Valchev, director general of ‎BTA, noted in a special interview for Radio Bulgaria, ‎

‎"Actually, I would personally interpret the topic of freedom in the conversation ‎as the right to choose. Freedom is being able to choose. We can even reach the ‎point of absurdity by declaring that you are free to even lie. This is not right, ‎this is reprehensible, but for there to be truth, there must also be lies. The most ‎dangerous thing in the modern world is for someone to say what is true ‎without any choice. Without the possibility to hear the other side, to hear the ‎wrongdoer as well. And in fact, the great role of the media is first to ensure the ‎presence of all the variety of facts on their territory. And the next big role is to ‎help their audience to find their way, to understand what is the truth and what ‎is a lie," says Valchev. ‎

In the course of four days, until June 4, journalists from 33 countries, ‎including representatives of 40 Bulgarian media from 16 countries, will ‎participate in the celebrations of the Rose Festival in Kazanlak, which will ‎mark its 120-year-long history. 

‎"If there are indisputable things in Bulgaria, it is the symbol of the rose. This ‎holiday, along with May 24, is one of the most radiant of Bulgarian holidays. ‎BTA bears great responsibility for the presentation of Bulgarians as a ‎community. For the second year now, we have a specialized column "BG ‎world" with information and news about the life of Bulgaria outside its ‎borders. And this is another meaning of the m