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Korneliya Ninova

20 migrants returned from Germany spark heated debate in Parliament

Information presented by the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) about 23 migrants who were brought back to Sofia from Munich on a charter flight on February 8 this year sparked a heated debate in Parliament.  BSP leader Korneliya Ninova asked Foreign..

01.03.24 14:16 |
GERB leader Boyko Borissov

Sharp criticism of alleged plans for the sale of state-owned land

GERB leader Boyko Borissov took a stand against the possible sale of farmland from the State Land Fund. He stated that no discussions have so far been conducted by We Continue the Change/Democratic Bulgaria (PP/DB) with GERB on the matter...

29.11.23 16:46 |
Atanas Zafirov

Opposition submits second motion of no confidence in the government

“We submitted a motion of no confidence on behalf of Bulgarian Socialist Party for Bulgaria, Vazrazhdane and There Us Such a People, the motive being the government’s inability to ensure the national security and defence of the country,” the deputy..

08.11.23 11:18 |
Korneliya Ninova

Introducing a transit fee on Russian gas for Hungary and Serbia eradicates our hopes of entering Schengen, BSP leader says

Next week, GERB will submit to parliament a bill on revoking the derogation for the Lukoil refinery in Burgas for using Russian oil, said Desislava Atanasova, chair of GERB’s parliamentary group at an election campaign meeting in Ruse.  “We..

21.10.23 10:39 |
Korneliya Ninova

BSP leader Kornelia Ninova congratulates "long-time friend" Robert Fico on winning elections in Slovakia

"My long-time friend and supporter Fico won the elections in Slovakia. I congratulate you, Robert," wrote on Facebook the leader of the Bulgarian Socialist Party Korneliya Ninova. "No to the war in Ukraine. No to gender ideology and the Istanbul..

01.10.23 12:15 |
Korneliya Ninova

Kornelia Ninova: Bulgaria can be saved by BSP 

"The time has come for decisions to be taken and for the salvation of Bulgaria, its people and its dignity," said BSP leader Korneliya Ninova  at the traditional National Congress of the Left under Mount Buzludzha. In her words, the Bulgarian Socialist..

29.07.23 14:43 |
Korneliya Ninova, press conference in Varna, 24 July, 2023

BSP leader Korneliya Ninova: Changing Bulgaria’s national day vitiates the constitutional reform

“False start and denigration of the idea of constitutional reform.” That is how Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) leader Korneliya Ninova described the proposal by We Continue the Change/Democratic Bulgaria (PP/DB) to make 24 May, the day of the..

24.07.23 14:03 |
Korneliya Ninova (C) at the BSP briefing

Bulgarian Socialist Party: The caretaker cabinet wants us to legalize their lawlessness

“The Bulgarian Socialist Party is not going to support the draft budget of the caretaker government,” said Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) leader Korneliya Ninova, adding that the state budget was anti-social, and included unjustified expenses and..

25.04.23 15:56 |
Korneliya Ninova, 4 April, 2023

Korneliya Ninova: BSP is not done with as a party

At a briefing, Bulgarian Socialist Party leader Korneliya Ninova stated that the party had kept its result from the previous election , with almost 9% of the votes , in a situation in which “there was a manipulative campaign” against it. “All..

04.04.23 15:39 |
Korneliya Ninova at the Council of Ministers meeting, 20 April, 2022

Coalition partners agree on lower VAT for bread, fruit and vegetables

There is agreement within the ruling coalition on reducing VAT on the prices of bread, fruit and vegetables, Minister of Economy Korneliya Ninova said, adding that a zero VAT rate is even being debated. The Bulgarian Socialist Party is..

20.04.22 17:53 |
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