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Bulgarian growers back ban on Ukrainian grain imports 

The National Union of Agricultural Cooperatives in Bulgaria supports the Ministry of Agriculture's proposal for a temporary ban on Ukrainian imports of grain and agricultural produce in Bulgaria, the Union announced at its national meeting in Arbanasi..

18.04.23 19:40 |

Bulgaria's fruit production shrinks as importers set prices

The Association of Fruit Growers in Bulgaria reports another challenging year in the agricultural sector. However, the problems are not so much related to the unusually warm winter, nor to the lack of sufficient irrigation water, but to the..

23.01.23 16:40 |

Bulgaria's Ministry of Agriculture launches traditional charity initiative for the purchase of live Christmas trees

Bulgaria’s Ministry of Agriculture , Food and Forestry will launch the traditional charity initiative for the purchase of live Christmas trees in the beginning of next week. The cause of this year's  campaign is related to forest..

03.12.22 13:57 |

Ministry of Agriculture conducts a survey among vine growers to identify wine regions with protected geographical indication

The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry is conducting a survey among vine growers to identify wine regions with protected geographical indication. The industry has until October 28 to answer. Currently, there are two wine regions in..

14.10.22 11:43 |

Bulgaria strengthens control on the movement of grain lots

Bulgaria should strengthen controls on the movement of grain lots, the country’s Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry said. Controls on imported consignments of grain have been strengthened as well. The measure has been adopted to address the..

30.09.22 15:28 |

Ministry of Agriculture organises day of open doors

On the occasion of the European Heritage Days, the Ministry of Agriculture in Sofia opens its doors to citizens today. The event coincides with the 100th anniversary of the international architectural competition for the design of..

18.09.22 07:35 |

Bulgaria may run out of rice by end-year, rice producers demand state aid

If the state does not financially support rice producers, by the end of 2022 there will be a shortage of rice in Bulgaria. So far, local production has been sufficient to meet consumption in Bulgaria, and there have been exports.  This year,..

12.03.22 14:13 |

Bulgaria introduces new regulations on food supplements

In Bulgaria, it will be allowed to sell food supplements only in food distribution outlets, pharmacies and drugstores. This is stipulated in a new ordinance of Bulgaria's Ministry of Agriculture, published for public discussion. It stipulates that only..

11.03.21 10:24 |

Minister Desislava Taneva: Recording sent by “Poison Trio” is provocation

The 85th protest against the government and Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev starts tonight. Traditionally, it will pass under the motto "We are not afraid", and the meeting point is the fountain in front of the presidency in the center of Sofia. In..

01.10.20 19:20 |
Ministry of Agriculture building

Agricultural census in Bulgaria begins

The online census of agricultural holdings in Bulgaria has begun on September 1 and is to continue until September 18, the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry announced. Farmers are to provide data through a web-based application. They are to..

01.09.20 12:45 |
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