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The spokesperson of the National Revenue Agency Rosen Bachvarov

Twenty-year-old Bulgarian arrested in connection with hacker attack against National Revenue Agency

A twenty-year-old Bulgarian national was detained in connection with the hacker attack against the servers of the National Revenue Agency. The suspect is employed at a cybersecurity company and was testing security networks and computer systems. The..

17.07.19 10:05 |

National Revenue Agency: Uncollectible revenues from VAT amount to EUR 2.7 billion in past 18 years

Following statements that the state authorities failed to collect nearly EUR 8 billion from value added tax in the past 18 years the National Assembly Monitoring Committee on the Revenue Agencies and Combating Parallel Economy and Smuggling will..

22.03.18 17:12 |

National Revenue Agency presents new service which allows citizens to make online payments to treasury

The Bulgarian citizens will be able to make free-of-charge online card payments to the treasury and payments in offices of the National Revenue Agency as of the beginning of February this year. Thanks to the new service (card payments to the accounts..

10.01.18 17:41 |

Budget revenues from gaming business up by one-third for one year

The sum total of revenues in the National Revenue originating from the gaming industry in 2016 grew 32% on 2015 reaching64 million euro according to figures from the State Commission on Gambling quoted by Kapital Press. The rise is mainly due to..

05.04.17 15:08 |
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