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Are there circumstances that would "force" politicians to form a government?

Almost a month after the MPs in the 48 th Bulgarian Parliament were sworn in, Bulgaria continues to be governed by the fourth caretaker cabinet appointed by the president. The Bulgarian head of state Rumen Radev holds consultations with the political..

15.11.22 13:52 |
Parvan Simeonov

The message of the election results from abroad continues to be for change in Bulgaria

The voting of Bulgarians living abroad continue to be angry and protesting, and its message still remains "Change Bulgaria!". This is what sociologist from the Gallup International agency Parvan Simeonov noted in his commentary on the election results..

05.10.22 14:18 |

Gallup: A quarter of voters have decided at the last minute who to vote for

In this election, compared to the election in November 2021, fewer young people went to the polls, which reduced the vote for "We Continue the Change". A quarter decided who they were going to vote for at the last minute, and those who voted "I do not..

03.10.22 19:35 |
Parvan Simeonov

Bulgarians are skeptical of media reports about the war in Ukraine

Bulgaria is one of the most Europhile societies in the EU, but also one of the most Russophile, said Parvan Simeonov from Gallup International Balkan in the discussion of the Electronic Media Council themed "Pluralism and disinformation during war"...

05.07.22 12:42 |
Parvan Simeonov

Parvan Simeonov: If Bulgarians are humiliated over North Macedonia that would be the last straw for the public’s patience

The public in Bulgaria do not want elections because they do not see an alternative, so they are still giving the current government a chance. “The government has a chance to remain in power, and all those predicting its fall are getting ahead of..

19.05.22 11:02 |

How May 9 sets another dividing line in Bulgarian society

May 9 th this year has set dividing lines in Bulgarian society, which was previously used to celebrating Europe Day and the Day of Victory over Nazism focusing on the importance of both of them. On the one hand, Europe Day is about celebrating..

09.05.22 14:10 |

The vote from abroad – mobilization and disappointment in the alternatives to the status quo

The third elections for parliament in the country for the year are now over. What made them different was that they were combined with regular elections for president and vice-president. Whereas the presidential election will be decided at..

16.11.21 14:15 |

CEC reports record low voter turnout

It is now clear that the final voter turnout will not exceed or will be around 40%. If the vote goes at this pace, it would be lower. This is what the Deputy Chairman and spokesman of the Central Election Commission, Tsvetozar..

14.11.21 19:43 |

Kiril Petkov: "We Continue the Change" is not a presidential party

With a kind of "tour" around the country, the new formation on the Bulgarian political stage – "We Continue the Change" party, started meetings with its supporters. The first cities visited by the two former caretaker ministers Kiril..

27.09.21 16:13 |

Are chances of forming cabinet with support of "protest parties" declining?

A person who is not widely known and has no experience in politics, but has experience in private business is one way to describe the candidate of "There is Such a People" (ITN) for Prime Minister, Plamen Nikolov. The party that won the..

02.08.21 15:58 |

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