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The voting abroad was crucial for the final results of the election

The 11 July snap election is now history but analyses of the election results still dominate the media. In anticipation of the official constitution of the 46 th National Assembly, we take a rather different view and analyze the way our..

15.07.21 13:26 |
Parvan Simeonov

Gallup: The vote of Bulgarians abroad may have a decisive role

"It may turn out that the vote from abroad will decide in which direction the scales will tilt." This was stated to BNR by the executive director of Gallup polling agency, Parvan Simeonov . The agency of the official partner of the Bulgarian National..

11.07.21 21:22 |

Today Bulgaria elects its 46th National Assembly

It is difficult to predict the voter turnout and the election results of the five parties which are expected to attract highest electoral support. This is the conclusion of the election campaign for the early general elections, which..

11.07.21 06:50 |

Formation of a working government after the elections – more and more feasible

Yesterday was the last day when the parties and coalitions were able to register their candidate lists for the upcoming snap parliamentary elections on 11 July. 18 parties and 19 coalitions have been registered for participation in the..

09.06.21 14:40 |

The first seven days of Bulgaria’s caretaker cabinet

Bulgaria’s caretaker cabinet of Premier Stefan Yanev, appointed by this country’s President Rumen Radev has been in charge for a week now. The caretaker ministers gave a sign that they would make a kind of revision of the former Borissov 3..

19.05.21 16:05 |

Anti-system vote from abroad may become durable tendency

Democratic Bulgaria and ITN (There Is Such a People), the party of showman and TV personality Slavi Trifonov are the two parties with the best result from the voting by Bulgarians abroad. According to the final results Slavi Trifonov gets..

07.04.21 14:08 |
Sociologist Parvan Simeonov

Urgent questions facing next Bulgarian government

In addition to the question which political parties would be able to win the trust of voters and enter the 45th National Assembly, there are important issues on the agenda of Bulgarian society that must be addressed. Urgent health-care reforms..

04.04.21 14:25 |

11 AM: Much lower voter turnout compared to previous parliamentary elections

By 11 AM voter turnout at the parliamentary elections was 12.5 %, indicate data by Gallup International sociological agency from exist polls conducted in front of polling places. Gallup International is the BNR’s partner on election day and..

04.04.21 12:30 |

We vote for individuals without knowing their party programmes

The candidates of political parties registered for the forthcoming general elections in Bulgaria have 29 days to convince the Bulgarian citizens that they deserve to represent their interests in the future 45 th Bulgarian National..

08.03.21 13:54 |

Bulgarian society expects clear messages from politicians ahead of parliamentary elections

There will be almost twice as many political parties competing for the votes of Bulgarians during the parliamentary elections on April 4. This has become clear after the end of the registration campaign in the Central Election Commission. The..

18.02.21 16:23 |
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