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Petar Stoychev wins the first one-mile swimming competition in Lake Khovsgol, Mongolia

Bulgarian swimmer Petar Stoychev won the historic first competition in Lake Khövsgöl in Mongolia under the auspices of the International Ice Swimming Association, BTA has reported. The Bulgarian, widely recognized as the world's..

06.10.23 14:55 |
Петър Стойчев

New ice water adventure for swimmer Petar Stoychev - in Mongolia

Petar Stoychev, recognized as the most successful marathon swimmer in the world, is undertaking a new ice challenge. The Bulgarian swimmer is off to Mongolia to take part in a round of the Ice Swimming World Cup for the 2023/2024 season .  The..

29.09.23 18:33 |

Bulgarian swimmer wins World Ice Swimming Championships

The Legendary Swimming Marathon World Cup winner for 11 consecutive years (2001-2011), World Champion in swimming in ice water in a pool near the Russian city of Murmansk in 2019, and winner in swimming in freezing conditions near the Norwegian..

28.01.23 08:20 |
Petar Stoychev

Bulgarian swimmer Petar Stoychev wins gold in icy conditions

Legendary marathon swimmer Petar Stoychev has added another gold medal to his rich collection. The Bulgarian won the competition from the calendar of the International Ice Swimming Association in the waters of the Arctic Ocean near..

05.05.22 13:34 |

Petar Stoychev beats his personal best in icy waters swimming

Bulgaria’s swimmer Petar Stoychev won a new world title in swimming in icy waters in Murmansk, Russia. Stoychev covered the 1,000 meter distance in 12 minutes and 10 seconds and beat his personal best (by 5 seconds) scored in 2017 when he won the world..

18.03.19 15:00 |

Petar Stoychev wins Antarctica marathon

Petar Stoychev achieved one more outstanding success in his sporting career, winning the first ever swimming marathon in Antarctica on Sunday. Fifteen swimmers from nine countries took part in this incredibly tough 1,000-metre race in the icy..

26.11.18 10:05 |
Petar Stoychev

Petar Stoychev to take part in first swimming race in the icy waters of Antarctica

Just a few hours from now Bulgarian swimmer Petar Stoychev and 15 other swimmers from 9 countries are leaving by ship from Punta Arenas in Chile bound for Antarctica, where they will take part in the first swimming race ever organized in the icy..

16.11.18 15:39 |
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