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The lighthouse at Shabla

Shabla marks International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend

With an official ceremony to inaugurate its renovated lighthouse, the town of Shabla is marking International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend. The Shabla Lighthouse mysteries The Shabla lighthouse rises on the Easternmost point of..

18.08.22 11:41 |

Military exercise at Shabla in the Black Sea resumed

The second part has begun of the military exercise at the air defence range in Shabla. Three MiG-29 fighter aircraft from Serbia will be taking part in the maneuvers. The exercise will be conducted by the air defence units of the ground troops and..

08.09.21 09:41 |

Authorities are still looking for cause of MiG-29 crash

The Military District Prosecutor's Office in Sofia will continue to investigate the incident with the MiG-29 fighter jet that crashed near Shabla during a tactical exercise, causing the death of its pilot, the prosecutor's office said...

18.08.21 18:38 |
Tsibar minesweeper

The black box of fallen MiG-29 fighter taken out of the sea

The black box of the MiG-29 that crashed in the Black Sea, piloted by the deceased Major Valentin Terziev (47), has been found. The machine disappeared in the Black sea near Shabla during an exercise on the night of June 9. The flight recorder is on..

24.06.21 12:40 |
Valentin Terziev

Bad weather stops search for black box of fallen MiG-29

The military teams have temporarily suspended the search for the black box of the MiG-29 fighter jet that crashed in the Black Sea, the Ministry of Defense reported. On June 9, Major Valentin Terziev lost his life while performing a task during..

14.06.21 14:49 |

Search for missing MiG-29 and its pilot continues

The search for the missing MiG-29 fighter jet and pilot Valentin Terziev continues. The operation covers an area of ​​20 nautical miles in the Black Sea, where the international military exercise "Shabla-2021" was held. Whatever happened, it was..

10.06.21 09:25 |

July Morning – the day bringing the free-spirited together

There are many unofficial rituals and celebrations on the calendar, each with their own symbols, but as 1 July approaches generations of Bulgarians turn their minds to a classic rock song – July Morning. Seeing the sun come up on the..

30.06.20 14:48 |

Camping amidst a global pandemic

Campsites on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast are faced with a difficult summer ahead. The tourist season in them starts on July 1, but they are already preparing their facilities for welcoming guests. Safety measures are outlined, although..

22.05.20 11:53 |

Shabla hosts international military exercise

From June 10 until June 13 (5pm) the military training polygon at the Black Sea town of Shabla and the adjacent Black Sea aquatory will host international military exercises including flights and shooting with artillery, missile, zenith rocket and..

10.06.19 10:01 |

Meetings of PM Borissov and Environment Minister Dimov in Varna end

The meeting of Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov and Minister of Environment Neno Dimov with the mayors of Kavarna, Balchik and Shabla over tensions linked to the region of Kaliakra has ended. Representatives of the initiative committee..

06.08.17 16:55 |

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