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Twitchers and nature lovers invited to Durankulak Lake for an encounter with rare bird species

For the second year in a row, the town of Shabla in north-eastern Bulgaria is hosting a bird-watching event. The Shabla and the Birds festival will draw attention to the conservation of rare and endangered feathered species that winter in..

23.11.23 06:20 |

Bulgaria's Defense Minister will speak in parliament regarding drone with mine in Black Sea

Due to the discovery on Sunday evening of a drone carrying a mine on the seashore near Bulgaria's Shabla, later today the Minister of Defense Todor Tagarev will be heard in the parliamentary defense committee, announced its chairman Hristo Gadjev...

18.09.23 16:39 |

Competition between farmers at the fertility fair in Bulgaria's Shabla on the Black Sea

On September 16, a fertility festival will be held in Shabla on Bulgaria's northern Black Sea coast. Representatives of all villages of the municipality will show the fruits of their labor and nature in Shabla's park.  The program includes contests..

16.09.23 09:57 |

The oldest lighthouse on Bulgaria's Black Sea coast opens its doors to visitors

The oldest and highest lighthouse on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast - the one in Shabla, is opening its doors to visitors. The event is being held on the occasion of the International Day of Lighthouses on August 18 (Friday) between 10.00 and 16.00. The..

18.08.23 06:15 |

Shabla once again welcomes the first sun rays of July with favorite rock hits

"The moment when the light confronts darkness and begins to gradually defeat it is always magical. This sight purifies the consciousness, brings delight, peace, hope, warmth. Fortunately, we have the opportunity to tap into this magic..

30.06.23 12:50 |
The lighthouse at Shabla

Shabla marks International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend

With an official ceremony to inaugurate its renovated lighthouse, the town of Shabla is marking International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend. The Shabla Lighthouse mysteries The Shabla lighthouse rises on the Easternmost point of..

18.08.22 11:41 |

Military exercise at Shabla in the Black Sea resumed

The second part has begun of the military exercise at the air defence range in Shabla. Three MiG-29 fighter aircraft from Serbia will be taking part in the maneuvers. The exercise will be conducted by the air defence units of the ground troops and..

08.09.21 09:41 |

Authorities are still looking for cause of MiG-29 crash

The Military District Prosecutor's Office in Sofia will continue to investigate the incident with the MiG-29 fighter jet that crashed near Shabla during a tactical exercise, causing the death of its pilot, the prosecutor's office said...

18.08.21 18:38 |
Tsibar minesweeper

The black box of fallen MiG-29 fighter taken out of the sea

The black box of the MiG-29 that crashed in the Black Sea, piloted by the deceased Major Valentin Terziev (47), has been found. The machine disappeared in the Black sea near Shabla during an exercise on the night of June 9. The flight recorder is on..

24.06.21 12:40 |
Valentin Terziev

Bad weather stops search for black box of fallen MiG-29

The military teams have temporarily suspended the search for the black box of the MiG-29 fighter jet that crashed in the Black Sea, the Ministry of Defense reported. On June 9, Major Valentin Terziev lost his life while performing a task during..

14.06.21 14:49 |
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