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Mark Potts

Mark Potts - an American in love with Bulgaria’s Shumen

"Bulgaria begins here" is how the lyrics of the anthem of the city of Shumen go. Today, we tell you about an American for whom the northeastern Bulgarian city was just the beginning of a full-blown love for Bulgaria that he has preserved for decades...

07.08.22 07:30 |

Medieval fair near Bulgaria’s Shumen on the eve of Midsummer's Day

The Madara Historical and Archaeological Reserve /15 km from the town of Shumen/ is hosting the National Medieval Fair "The Magical Madara". Its program includes demonstrations of weapons and clothing, training for children in archery, sword..

19.06.22 08:05 |
Paisius of Hilendar – fresco from the Holy Trinity church in Bansko

Three centuries later: Bulgarians value the work of Paisius of Hilendar more than ever

As the ancient Greek cities argue where is the birthplace of Homer, so two Bulgarian mountain towns - Bansko and Samokov, claim to be the birthplace of Paisius of Hilendar, the author of the "Istoriya Slavyanobolgarskaya" (Slav-Bulgarian history)...

19.06.22 07:10 |

Days of Ancestors – Pliska 2021 Festival takes us back to Medieval Bulgaria

The Pliska National Historical and Architectural Reserve, located 28 km away from the city of Shumen, is the place where the 9th medieval fair “Days of Ancestors”– Pliska 2021 will take place. It is dedicated to the Middle Ages from the 7th to..

06.08.21 17:05 |

Discover the seven UNESCO-listed World Heritage Sites in Bulgaria

On occasion of the International Day for Monuments and Sites (World Heritage Day) held on April 18, Radio Bulgaria presents Bulgaria’s seven cultural sites inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List: The ancient town of Nessebar is located..

18.04.21 08:00 |

Rusanka Tsaneva – the first guide at the Founders of the Bulgarian State monument

People in Shumen (southwestern Bulgaria) say, and with justifiable pride, that that is where Bulgaria begins – because of the first two capitals of Bulgaria, Pliska and Preslav , and also because of the Madara Horseman rock relief...

21.02.21 08:00 |

Halil Şerif Pasha built Tombul mosque out of remorse

After more than ten years of hard work, Tombul mosque was restored to its former glory from the time when it was built – 1744. The architecture of the mosque in Shumen was influenced by the Oriental style “tulip” with elements of the French..

10.01.21 07:00 |
Monument to Nancho Popovich in Shumen

Benefactors’ Day marked in Bulgaria today

6 December, St. Nicholas Day is also marked in Bulgaria as Benefactors’ Day. The day was first marked in 1937 in Shumen as a token of gratitude to all benefactors of the country. The date – 6 December – was chosen by prominent Revival-time..

06.12.20 06:10 |

High-school students from Bulgaria’s Shumen win international competition for best video in Village Corner

Students from the foreign-language high school in the city of Shumen (northeastern Bulgaria) have won the award for best video in the international project "Village Corner". The aim of the initiative is to encourage cooperation between..

20.11.20 13:03 |

The only museum in Bulgaria named after a foreign person is located in Shumen

On August 22, 1849, the guardian of Hungarian independence Lajos Kossuth stepped on the Bulgarian bank of Danube as an emigrant. The Hungarian nobleman, lawyer, journalist, politician and statesman was a leading figure in the Hungarian revolution..

22.08.20 12:46 |

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