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Stefan Yanev

“Bulgarian Rise” ready to talk with all parliamentary parties

"Parliamentary parties should make efforts to form a government”, former caretaker Premier and Minister of Defense, now leader of “Bulgarian Rise” party Stefan Yanev, said in an interview for the BNR.   On Monday, November 28, President Rumen Radev..

27.11.22 17:25 |
Violeta Komitova

"Bulgarian Rise" party puts national interests first

Stefan Yanev's party "Bulgarian Rise" will work for more security, justice, solidarity, for the benefit of the national interests of Bulgarian society - citizens, businesses. At a media briefing, after the meeting with the contact group led by..

22.10.22 17:05 |

Security and economic stability are priorities of the minor parties in the National Assembly

"The elections have once again resulted in a similar parliamentary configuration, with voters not having empowered anyone to form a single-party government," Mustafa Karadayi, the leader of the MRF, said from the parliamentary rostrum. In his..

19.10.22 14:32 |
Stefan Yanev

"Bulgarian Rise" party is satisfied with the election result

If "Bulgarian Rise" enters the next parliament, the important topic for the party will be the formation of a government - potentially an expert government, or a government of national unity or of national salvation, which will lead Bulgaria through the..

02.10.22 22:51 |
Vazrazhdane leader Kostadin Kostadinov

First political comments after the announcement of the election results: Kostadin Kostadinov

The leader of Vazrazhdane party, Kostadin Kostadinov, told BNR that the low voter turnout is a grave sentence for Bulgarian democracy because 2/3 of the voters are not interested in the future of Bulgaria. A large part of Bulgarian society boycotted..

02.10.22 21:28 |
Stefan Yanev has founded a party, named Bulgarski Vuzhod (

Former caretaker prime minister founded a party

The former caretaker Prime Minister and Minister of Defence in the cabinet of Kiril Petkov, Stefan Yanev founded a new party.  Yanev announced that  his  Bulgaria on the Rise party would be "really close to the people" and in constant..

05.05.22 19:15 |

Stefan Yanev presents his new political formation

The new political project of former caretaker Prime Minister Stefan Yanev will have the name "Balgarski Vazhod" (Bulgarian Advance). In a post on Facebook, Yanev pointed out that Bulgaria needed a new perspective, as it was in a..

30.04.22 12:18 |
Dragomir Zakov takes the oath in parliament, 1 March, 2022

Parliament approves nomination of Dragomir Zakov for defence minister

Dragomir Zakov, Bulgaria’s Permanent Representative to NATO, is the new minister of defence of Bulgaria.  His nomination was approved by the National Assembly with 184 MPs voting in favour and 33 abstaining. Prime Minister Kiril Petkov pointed..

01.03.22 18:34 |

Two-thirds of Bulgarians approve of sanctions against Russia: survey

63% of Bulgarians support the European Union's common policy relating to the war in Ukraine. 32% of the respondents are against, data of an express survey, conducted by Alpha Research agency and the Bulgarian National Television on February 28 th ,..

01.03.22 11:47 |

President Rumen Radev: Replacing the Defense Minister in the midst of a military crisis in the region is a risk

"Replacing the defense minister while there is a military crisis in the neighborhood is a risk", Bulgarian president Rumen Radev said, clarifying his position after Prime Minister Kiryl Petkov asked for the resignation of Defense Minister Stefan..

28.02.22 16:59 |

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