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Stefan Yanev

PM Stefan Yanev: The prospective government and the caretaker cabinet have similar priorities

“The priorities of the prospective government to a great extent repeat those of the caretaker cabinet,” said caretaker Prime Minister Stefan Yanev who attended the Ilinden festival in Gela village near Smolyan.  He gave as an example the possible..

31.07.21 11:15 |
PM Stefan Yanev (C) at the Council of Ministers meeting

PM Stefan Yanev wants public coalition agreement on new government

“I expect the political parties, within the frameworks of their dialogue on the formation of a government, to find a way for a public coalition agreement with clearly formulated responsibilities,” said caretaker Prime Minister Stefan Yanev at the..

28.07.21 11:32 |

Bulgaria's Recovery Plan to help overcome demographic problems: PM Stefan Yanev

The set reforms and priorities in the National Plan for Recovery and Sustainability will contribute to achieving a better economic situation in the country. This was stated by the caretaker Prime Minister Stefan Yanev at the beginning of today's..

22.07.21 11:30 |

MPs from the 46th National Assembly take oath

“The sovereign has chosen, and I am relying on his wisdom, let us all work for the dream of this nation – a prosperous Bulgaria.” With these words the most senior Member of Parliament Mika Zaykova inaugurated the 46 th National Assembly...

21.07.21 15:39 |
Caretaker PM Stefan Yanev

PM Stefan Yanev: Bulgaria needs a government with clear priorities and goals

"Political parties must enter into a dialogue and form a parliamentary majority," said caretaker Prime Minister Stefan Yanev, who is visiting Balchik today. According to him, discussing the trial-and-error principle is not the best option...

17.07.21 12:48 |
Interim PM Stefan Yanev

PM Stefan Yanev calls for refraining from giving recipes regarding new government

“I think that we need to be patient and calm, and let the parties do their job. Their responsibility and constructiveness will, I hope, become clear in the next few days,” said Prime Minister in the caretaker cabinet Stefan Yanev, who is in Varna to..

16.07.21 10:22 |
Caretaker PM Stefan Yanev

The election results are authentic, caretaker PM Stefan Yanev says

“The election results are authentic and reflect the votes cast, as it should be in a democracy,” Prime Minister Stefan Yanev stated at today’s cabinet meeting. “We ascertained an extremely low voter turnout, unfortunately, the fact that the..

14.07.21 11:30 |
Stefan Yanev

Prime Minister calls on Bulgarians to vote without fear

Bulgarian caretaker Prime Minister Stefan Yanev has called on Bulgarians on July 11 to actively exercise their right to vote - "freely, responsibly, consciously and without fear". The government is making every effort to ensure the fairness and..

07.07.21 11:13 |

Central Election Commission sees no campaigning in caretaker cabinet’s statements

The Central Election Commission (CEC) has dismissed the complaint lodged by one of the coalitions registered for participation in the parliamentary elections in July, against interim Prime Minister Stefan Yanev and ministers from the caretaker..

23.06.21 10:42 |

National Association of Municipalities wants post-Covid recovery plan to be submitted to EC urgently

The National Association of Municipalities demanded, at a meeting with interim Prime Minister Stefan Yanev, that the national post-Covid recovery plan be submitted to the European Commission urgently. On his part PM Yanev said: “We have set..

22.06.21 14:20 |
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