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Security and economic stability are priorities of the minor parties in the National Assembly

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"The elections have once again resulted in a similar parliamentary configuration, with voters not having empowered anyone to form a single-party government," Mustafa Karadayi, the leader of the MRF, said from the parliamentary rostrum. In his words, instead of confrontation, the voters have set the parliamentary forces before the necessity to enter into dialogue, agreement, and unity.  

Мустафа Карадайъ разговаря с Десислава Атанасова в НС - 19 октомври 2022 г.

"We have been elected by the people and we have been given a plain message by the voters - to do everything possible to form a regular cabinet with clear priorities, tasks and an action plan. Without revanchism, without animosity, without opposition and division. Winter is on our doorstep and it is shaping up to be a hungry, cold and dark one."  

Karadayi also said that the MRF had been a strong opposition to GERB for 12 years. We don't want to be with GERB, and we don't want to be with those who ruled in the last year and a half."  

Kostadin Kostadinov, leader of Vazrazhdane, listed the party's priorities: to reverse the depopulation of Bulgaria, to preserve the Bulgarian lev, to say "no" to the Green Deal, to develop Bulgarian energy, to work against the country's involvement in the war in Ukraine.  

" What we need to say is that we do not want Bulgaria to be a vassal state, stripped of its own policies, opinions and decisions. Our duty is to defend the Bulgarian national interest in North Macedonia. We must not allow Bulgaria to be involved in any form in the war in Ukraine, and we free our land from foreign military bases - we have never had such, even when the country was occupied after the two World Wars." 

BSP Chairperson Kornelia Ninova said the country could cope with the crises if everyone moved in the same direction. She said her party would not support the caretaker cabinet's proposal to buy military aircraft because the money is needed for salaries, pensions and benefits, for business.  

Kornelia Ninova quoted a statement by President Radev made on September 12, 2020: 

"Now I want those in power with the full drawers (implying the photos of Euro banknotes and gold bars allegedly taken in the bedroom of former PM Borissov, which an international investigation proved to be fake - ed.) to invite those in the square below with the empty drawers to dialogue. Well, it won't happen," she recalled the head of state's words.That is the choice of today - what kind of government we want to form. We are consistent and principled and one word guides our actions - justice." 

"Sweeping the war under the carpet, trying to call it other names, claiming that Bulgaria can remain in the role of a North Korea on the Balkans, in some fictional neutrality, is not a question of whether you are a warmonger or not, but a question of whether you are accountable to the realities or not", said, in turn, the co-chairman of Democratic Bulgaria Hristo Ivanov. He said that, although it is a hard task, a government can be formed. 

"Maybe this government will have to be formed through some compromise, but it should not be a government of compromise. Working together will be difficult, but that does not mean our government will be weak, spineless and lacking in vision. Bulgaria deserves a government that is not just the raison d'être of parliament, but one that can solve the big problems we face." 

Stefan Yanev, leader of the smallest party in parliament, Bulgarian Rise, said there were 10-15 personalities in Bulgarian society whose reputation was at the heart of the conflict and lack of dialogue. "We will work to create a mechanism for auditing the activities of these people, which could end in an indictment or an end to the anger and malice in our daily lives," he said. 

"Security is a pressing issue, especially when war is raging miles from our borders. Our security depends both on political leadership and the effectiveness of the bodies that guarantee it, and on the effectiveness of our membership in alliances with whose member states Bulgaria shares common values. In this regard, our message is to behave appropriately, sending out a strong message with a clear voice and a straight backbone, so that we can be useful to ourselves and to our allies."

Photos: BGNES
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