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Authorities discuss 5 action plans to avoid ecological catastrophe near Bulgaria's Kamen Bryag

A crisis response staff has been formed to resolve the situation with the Vera Su ship near Bulgaria's Kamen Bryag on the Black Sea coast, said Bulgarian Minister of Transport Hristo Alexiev. "We have several priorities - the environment and human..

29.09.21 13:43 |

Company involved in salvaging Kursk submarine makes salvage plan for stranded Vera Su ship

A Dutch company, which was involved in salvaging the Kursk submarine, is drawing up a plan to retrieve the Vera Su ship, which is stranded in the Yaylata area on Bulgaria's northern Black Sea coast. This was announced at a briefing by Bulgaria's..

28.09.21 18:16 |

Nitrogenous fertilizer is leaking into the sea from the ship which ran aground near Yailata protected area

Nayden Nedev, an independent scuba diver has taken samples of the water around the cargo ship Vera Su which ran aground in the vicinity of Yailata protected area . The inspection of the water around the vessel established there was a nitrogenous..

25.09.21 14:49 |
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