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Virtual exhibition shows the history of Ivan Vazov National Theatre

A postcard with a view of the newly built National Theatre and an inscription on the back - "Remembrance of the opening of the theatre. Josef Schmaha, 1907” - is part of a virtual exhibition that can be viewed on the website of the National History..

14.01.24 05:05 |

A forest will grow for a day on Targovska Street in Vratsa

The architectural heritage of Bulgaria, bequeathed by a number of Bulgarian and foreign architects from the Liberation from Ottoman rule (1878) to the socialist coup of September 9, 1944, bears the marks of an exceptionally creative era in Bulgarian..

12.10.22 08:48 |

Learning environment of the future will create conditions for new forms of education

The first weeks of the new school year always pass quickly because of the euphoria of the students after the vacation and their attempts to preserve the summer carefree mood for just a little longer. But for some people, each start of the school..

27.09.22 14:48 |

Municipal school at highest European level welcomes students in Berkovitsa

Happy and knowledge-hungry children - this is the dream of every parent and teacher in this country. It is quite possible to get "infected" with this enthusiasm if you find yourself in the municipal school "Nikola Yonkov Vaptsarov" in Bulgaria's..

25.09.21 10:10 |
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