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Municipal school at highest European level welcomes students in Berkovitsa

Photo: berkovitsa.bg

Happy and knowledge-hungry children - this is the dream of every parent and teacher in this country. It is quite possible to get "infected" with this enthusiasm if you find yourself in the municipal school "Nikola Yonkov Vaptsarov" in Bulgaria's small town of Berkovitsa. The design of the classrooms is the work of a Bulgarian studio specializing in the design of social centers - community centers, schools and kindergartens.


According to its creators Violetka Slavova and Maria Staynova, the learning environment should be designed according to the needs of students and their teachers, using as many of the resources available to the school. 

With the idea of building a Center for Natural Sciences and Entrepreneurship, in 2018 Slavova and Staynova won the competition for young architects "Schools of the Future". Their vision of the project appealed to the management of the school and they asked the architects to realize it in Berkovitsa in order to make going to school for the students from 1st to 7th grade a joy.

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