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Caretaker Defence Minister Atanas Zapryanov

Bulgarian armoured personnel carriers have left for Ukraine

The Turkish Parliament has ratified the memorandum on the establishment of a Mine Countermeasures Naval Group in the Black Sea and we can start to put this agreement into practice. This is what Bulgaria's Caretaker Defence Minister Atanas Zapryanov..

15.04.24 13:19 |

Romanian company to transport the Bulgarian armoured personnel carriers to Ukraine

The procedure for transporting Bulgaria’s superfluous armoured personnel carriers has been completed. Parliament votes to send 100 armoured vehicles to Ukraine The vehicles have been rounded up and are in Sofia. For them to be sent to..

21.02.24 10:21 |

Bulgarian armored personnel carriers are on their way to Ukraine

"The operation is underway - the Ministry of Defence is supporting the process of providing Ukraine with the armoured personnel carriers (APCs) of the Bulgaria Ministry of Interior." With this short post on Facebook, the Minister of Defence Todor Tagarev..

03.02.24 09:48 |

MPs override president's veto on donation of armoured personnel carriers to Ukraine

Parliament overrode President Rumen Radev's veto on the law ratifying the agreement with Ukraine on the free provision of armoured personnel carriers. GERB-SDS, PP-DB, MRF and There is Such a People voted against the veto on the donation of 100 armoured..

08.12.23 18:04 |
Снимката е илюстративна

Bulgarian government approves the project to provide APCs to Ukraine

The Bulgarian government has approved a draft agreement between the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Bulgaria and the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine for the free provision of armored transport equipment. The Minister of the Interior is to hold..

04.08.23 14:38 |

National Assembly Defence Committee approves the provision of 100 armoured vehicles to Ukraine

The National Assembly Defence Committee decided to provide Ukraine with 100 armoured vehicles from the stockpiles of the Ministry of Interior. 10 MPs votes in favour and 5 MPs voted against.  The MPs also voted that the Council of Ministers, not the..

19.07.23 17:22 |
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