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EU halts import of Russian coal

As of 10 August the EU and UK are halting the import of Russian coal as part of the sanctions against Russia put in place since the start of its war against Ukraine.  Russia is among Europe’s biggest coal suppliers, having exported 48.7 million..

10.08.22 09:28 |

Bulgaria's largest trade union calls for revision of EU"s Green Deal regarding coal

The largest Bulgarian trade union CITUB (Confederation of Independent Trade Unions in Bulgaria) has requested an extraordinary meeting of the Consultative Council for the European Green Deal , because of the Road Map to climate neutrality. The union is..

11.07.22 14:11 |

Unions: Bulgaria not ready to give up coal, needs to renegotiate RRP

The part of the Recovery and Resilience Plan (RRP), in which Bulgaria commits to giving up coal, must be revised, the president of the Confederation of Independent Trade Unions of Bulgaria Plamen Dimitrov told Nova News.  He said that he did..

07.07.22 14:01 |

Energy independence is attainable as long as politicians and experts pool their efforts

As the energy, social and economic crisis unfolds, Bulgaria is reopening the discussion of the implementation of the Fit for 55 package and the green transition to a low carbon economy. According to the advocates of the green idea, the..

16.06.22 11:47 |
Maritsa East 2 TPP

Negotiations with European Commission under way to replace coal in the Maritsa Basin

Negotiations with the European Commission continue. We cannot replace an independent Bulgarian source, such as the coal in the Maritsa basin, with an imported source and build steam and gas power plants in their place. To increase our dependence on gas..

07.01.22 11:32 |

EU Commissioner Timmermans promises fair energy transition in Sofia

The first real step on the road to Bulgaria's green transition is the National Plan for Recovery and Sustainability, said Prime Minister Stefan Yanev at the forum "Green Transition - Solutions and Challenges for Bulgaria", which is also attended by..

15.10.21 12:31 |

Protesting trade union members meet EC Vice President Timmermans in Sofia

The Bulgarian economy is highly energy intensive and dependent on coal. That is why the transition to green energy should be smooth for the regions and the population, Prime Minister Stefan Yanev told a forum in Sofia on the green transition. "Both..

15.10.21 11:17 |
EC Vice President Frans Timmermans on visit in Sofia, October 15, 2021

Frans Timmermans in Sofia: The EC is not against nuclear energy and natural gas

I cannot say whether the date 2040 is good for the closure of the Bulgarian coal-fired power plants until we get acquainted with the country's  Recovery Plan . The European Commission has nothing against nuclear energy, but it is more expensive...

15.10.21 11:03 |

Bulgarian miners want coal mining preserved until 2040

Miners from the Maritza Iztok coal complex went on a protest in Sofia. The organizers of the CITUB and Podkrepa trade unions said they were defending Bulgaria's energy independence. The protesters called for finding an..

13.10.21 14:03 |

Fuel prices will rise dramatically after 2023

Fuels will continue to rise in price due to higher world prices and the depletion of Bulgarian storage reserves accumulated at lower prices. In 2021, the price increase is by one third, the chairman of the Bulgarian Oil and Gas Association Zhivodar..

07.10.21 10:30 |

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