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Bulgaria’s Minister of Environment and Water Julian Popov

The state will not close coal-fired power plants

"We will not close coal-fired power plants, the market will close them, it is closing them now", Bulgaria’s Minister of Environment and Water Julian Popov said for the BNR. Minister Popov predicted that there is no chance for them to function after..

14.01.24 13:50 |

Protesting miners and energy workers free the blocked highways

The miners and energy workers protesting for 14 days now have freed all roads in the territory of the Stara Zagora region and traffic has been restored , the Road Infrastructure Agency reported. The Trakia highway, the Pass of the Republic and the..

13.10.23 10:49 |

Coal regions will need workers even after the closure of mines

The main issue is not whether people would keep their jobs, because they will find work, but whether they would remain in the region with coal plants so it continues to develop. If they leave the region, there will be a great shortage..

03.10.23 10:53 |

Workers in the largest Bulgarian energy complex are protesting

Miners, energy workers and trade union representatives at TPP "Maritsa East 2" and "Mini Maritsa East" refused to talk to the Deputy Minister of Energy for the Territorial Plan of Stara Zagora. They asked for..

28.09.23 12:25 |

Parliamentary committee to control the European funds for energy transition

The current subcommittee for control of European funds will become a committee, GERB party leader Boyko Borissov said in parliament. Together with MRF, they want the future parliamentary committee to discuss everything related to the..

28.09.23 11:02 |

Miners call for the future of "Maritsa-East" coal mining complex

Miners, energy workers, trade unionists and MPs have demanded full clarity on the future of the Maritsa-East coal mining complex. The most significant issue in the Stara Zagora region - coal production - was discussed at a forum initiated by..

17.07.23 18:20 |
Maritsa East 2 coal-fired power plant

Bulgaria does not want to give up coal until 2038

The last Bulgarian Parliament obliged the Council of Ministers to amend the National Recovery and Resilience Plan in the field of energy. The main change is to keep the coal-fired power plants operating until at least 2038. With the adopted..

27.02.23 18:31 |

Trade unions on protest, demand renegotiation of carbon emissions for Bulgaria

The two largest trade unions in Bulgaria, KNSB and Podkrepa, are protesting in front of the parliament in defence of the country's energy security.   They are dissatisfied with the commitment in the National Recovery and Resilience Plan to cut carbon..

12.01.23 12:45 |

EU halts import of Russian coal

As of 10 August the EU and UK are halting the import of Russian coal as part of the sanctions against Russia put in place since the start of its war against Ukraine.  Russia is among Europe’s biggest coal suppliers, having exported 48.7 million..

10.08.22 09:28 |

Bulgaria's largest trade union calls for revision of EU"s Green Deal regarding coal

The largest Bulgarian trade union CITUB (Confederation of Independent Trade Unions in Bulgaria) has requested an extraordinary meeting of the Consultative Council for the European Green Deal , because of the Road Map to climate neutrality. The union is..

11.07.22 14:11 |
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