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MP Toshko Yordanov

MP Toshko Yordanov: It is too early to say whether the ruling coalition will last until the end of the year

"We are not preparing for early Parliamentary elections" , the Chairman of the Parliamentary group of “We Continue the Change” Andrey Gyurov said. “Our task is to start a reform that is irreversible”, Andrey Gyurov added. “Bulgaria cannot be..

17.04.22 13:38 |

Bulgaria's new cabinet to speed up the introduction of e-government

Within 6 months we should start issuing an ID card with an electronic chip. This is written in the texts of the coalition agreement for the new government, formed with the mandate of the party "We continue the change". It is also planned that within..

13.12.21 14:14 |

Kiril Petkov and Assen Vassilev: The coalition agreement has been signed

The coalition agreement for the formation of a new government has been signed with the leaders of the four political formations “We Continue the Change”, “Democratic Bulgaria”, the Bulgarian Socialist Party and “There is Such a People” seperately,..

10.12.21 18:11 |

Bulgarian Socialist Party unanimously approves coalition agreement

The National Council of the Bulgarian Socialist Party has unanimously approved the coalition agreement and the candidates of the socialist party for a Deputy Premier and ministers. All 138 members voted in favor. The council approved the..

10.12.21 17:18 |

Final texts of the coalition agreement have been agreed

“The final texts of the coalition agreement have been agreed. The coalition agreement will be signed on Friday”, the Co-chairman of “We Continue the Change” Assen Vassilev said after the meeting at the National Assembly with the participation of Prime..

09.12.21 12:06 |
Hristo Ivanov

“Democratic Bulgaria” to support the prospective cabinet

The three parties in the coalition “Democratic Bulgaria”- “Democrats for Strong Bulgaria”, “Green Movement” and “Yes, Bulgaria!” shall support the coalition agreement and the prospective cabinet.   This became clear after the sitting of their..

09.12.21 09:57 |
Kiril Petkov

Kiril Petkov: There will be two more deputy prime ministers in the new cabinet

"Each of the coalition partners in the new government will have a deputy prime minister, and there will be two from the new political party "We continue the change" (PP). One will actually deal with effective governance". In an interview with Spiegel,..

08.12.21 15:58 |
We Continue the Change co-chair Kiril Petkov

We Continue the Change are putting the finishing touches to the coalition agreement

The finishing touches are being added to the coalition agreement at a meeting of the parliamentary group of We Continue the Change which is taking place at the moment. Tomorrow it will be presented to its partners from the Bulgarian Socialist Party,..

07.12.21 19:13 |

President Radev begins consultations on formation of future government

On, 6 and 7 December, President Rumen Radev will hold consultations at the Presidency with the parliamentary groups of the 47 th National Assembly. Under the Constitution, President Radev is to receive, consecutively, representatives of the..

05.12.21 17:43 |
Kiril Petkov

Kiril Petkov: The future cabinet ministers will be able to choose their teams themselves

“We are sending the coalition agreement out to our partners and we are expecting their feedback,” Kiril Petkov, leader of We Continue the Change said in an interview for bTV. “By 8 December we are hoping to have an agreement, complete with..

05.12.21 10:47 |
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