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Competition between farmers at the fertility fair in Bulgaria's Shabla on the Black Sea

On September 16, a fertility festival will be held in Shabla on Bulgaria's northern Black Sea coast. Representatives of all villages of the municipality will show the fruits of their labor and nature in Shabla's park.  The program includes contests..

16.09.23 09:57 |

Bulgaria's maize and sunflower crops hit by bad weather

The spring crops - maize and sunflower - in most parts of the country is poor , and in some places even alarming, reports BNR correspondent in Dobrich Maya Shcherbanova. Farmers' forecasts are for extremely low yields, close to those of the critical year..

10.08.23 18:14 |

Why Bulgarian farmers continue not to insure their production

About 80% ,or nearly 2,500 decares of vineyards in Bulgaria’s Pomorie municipality have been affected or completely destroyed by the big storm and subsequent hail in the Burgas region at the end of last week. And although there is also damage to the..

23.09.22 12:44 |

Bulgaria encourages farmers to insure crops

The Bulgarian state allocates over 2.5 million euros to encourage farmers to insure their crops against adverse weather. The support will be provided as part of the insurance premium. Due to the frequent droughts, floods and..

26.02.21 11:18 |
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