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From panic attacks to constant anxiety and depression, or how we react to the Covid-19 pandemic

No matter whether it is an armed conflict, a natural disaster or an epidemic. It is normal for any extreme situation that is beyond our control to create a sense of helplessness and vulnerability. And this sometimes leads to..

08.10.21 12:54 |

How has Covid-19 affected out mental health?: study

In the course of a year an international team of researchers studied how the restrictions during the Covid-19 pandemic have affected the mental state of the population in 11 countries - the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Czechia, Finland,..

28.04.21 10:46 |

How Covid-19 pandemic affects psyche of Bulgarians

A possible second lockdown in Bulgaria may be misunderstood and people may start ignoring the anti-Covid measures adopted by the authorities, instead of observing them. Such a situation can make people take to the streets, Bulgaria’s Minister..

12.11.20 10:43 |
Prof. Petar Marinov

Depression and anxiety disorders rise due to Covid-19: Mental health expert

“Disorders such as depression and anxiety disorders have increased somewhat in connection with the coronavirus epidemic,”  Prof. Petar Marinov, chair of the Mental Health Experts Association said for the BNR. “As a matter of fact the question..

25.09.20 12:06 |

Around 8 percent of Bulgarians with depression symptoms: Eurostat

Around 8 percent of Bulgarians aged 18 or over suffer from different forms of depression symptoms, indicates a Eurostat analysis on depression in the EU countries in 2015. The most widespread depression symptoms in Bulgaria are anxiety,..

28.03.17 11:55 |
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