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Bulgaria is facing a crisis of incomes, not of goods

For some people, a crisis equals an opportunity. Is it the same for Bulgarians today, when the elections outlined continuing political instability, prices do not stop their growth, and incomes seem to be "frozen" on the edge of survival? Against this..

05.10.22 15:15 |

Components produced in Bulgaria will soon be present in every European car

Bulgaria has been proud of the fact that 9 out of 10 cars in Europe have parts in them that were produced in this country. In the near future Bulgarian components will be present in every European car as we have a confirmation from a..

05.10.22 11:36 |

EBRD raises its forecast for Bulgaria's economic growth

Bulgaria's gross domestic product will grow by 3% in 2022, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development predicts in its September regional economic report , published today, BTA reported.  Due to the solid performance of the economy in the..

28.09.22 16:50 |

Without reforms, Bulgaria has seen an increase in economic freedom

Bulgaria rose from 36th to 23rd place among 165 countries in the ranking " Economic freedom around the world 2022 ". The study, presented in Sofia by the Institute for Market Economics, is done every year by Canada's Fraser Institute . Bulgaria's..

09.09.22 12:28 |

A deterioration of the business climate in Bulgaria observed in August

The business climate in Bulgaria has worsened by 3.4 points in August compared to July, according to the traditional survey of the National Statistical Institute . The uncertain economic environment remains a leading factor in the deterioration of..

30.08.22 11:44 |

Rise of inflation continues to outpace income growth

Social inequalities and inflation are two of the leading problems in Bulgaria’s income policy. While inflation is a pan-European issue, provoked by external factors, such as the war in Ukraine, the price of energy carriers, etc., the wide gap between..

22.08.22 12:59 |

Inflation has outpaced wage growth

Inflation has outpaced wage growth in almost all sectors of the Bulgarian economy and consumer prices have risen by 10% year-on-year. These are part of the conclusions in an analysis by the Institute for Market Economy. Average..

13.08.22 12:18 |

Minister of Economy says he will help business not hinder it

The Ministry of Economy has been conducting a survey among businesses about gas consumption during the winter months. The results will be reported to crisis headquarters to help the government's decisions on securing and distributing..

08.08.22 15:52 |

Three quarters of Bulgarians under 65 with no permanent employment are on the verge of poverty

According to the latest Eurostat data for 2020, published today, 80% of Bulgarians of working age up to 65 living in households with low economic activity are at risk of poverty. According to this indicator, the country ranks fourth among the..

04.08.22 19:44 |

Politics and gas supplies – the two storm clouds looming over Bulgaria

We are in for a hot August in Bulgaria this year – in politics and in the economy. On the first day of the month, all eyes are on the president – as today he issued two decrees, one dissolving the 47 th National Assembly as of 2 August, 2022, and..

01.08.22 14:41 |

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