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Bulgarians, Romanians and Moldovans present the martenitsa in Brussels

On 18 February, the Bulgarian Cultural Association in Belgium hosted the Martenitsa Festival. Representatives from Romania and Moldova also took part at the festival held in Brussels. This is the second edition of the Martenitsa Festival dedicated to..

19.02.24 10:51 |

Bean Valentine in Smilyan: Rediscover and fall in love with beans

Cheese cake and three kinds of appetizers, all made out of Smilyan beans, as well as an array of tasty, healthy and unorthodox dishes made of Smilyan beans – all of this and more is on the menu available to the visitors coming to Smilyan village for..

08.02.24 07:11 |

Tran will host winter masquerade festival

For the fourth year in a row, the town of Tran in Western Bulgaria will host a winter festival of masquerade games. The beginning will be set on February 3 from 12:00 to 14:00 in the central town square.  Four survakari groups from Zemen, Trun and the..

03.02.24 05:35 |

Flowing wine, dragons, bears and folklore – Delchevo celebrates together with Northern Greece municipalities

Wine will spout from two drinking fountains over the weekend in Delchevo. Perched on top of the mountain, the village located close to Gotse Delchev, has made a name for itself as a tourist attraction with its ancient architecture and the beautiful..

01.02.24 07:30 |

Belitsa-Semkovo 2024 festival for mountain lovers

A winter festival Belitsa-Semkovo 2024 is opening today for lovers of the mountains. “This year there will be a diverse cultural programme, winter games and fun, a stage for the performers of Bulgarian folk music,” said Belitsa mayor Radoslav..

28.01.24 07:55 |

Surva holiday celebrated in Graovsko and all over Western Bulgaria

The Surva festival begins with the lighting of bonfires and mummers dancing the horo chain danie around the fires on the night of January 13-14.  The power and timelessness of the masquerade tradition has led UNESCO to declare it a World Heritage..

14.01.24 06:30 |

Christmas and New Year festival in Ruse – a blend of modern cultural initiatives and the magic of Dunavsko Horo

The Christmas and New Year festival in Ruse continues until 31 December with lots of shows starring famous actors, a diverse concert programme with orchestras and ensembles from Ruse and other parts of the country. The festival also includes various..

23.12.23 06:10 |
Dariya Stoyanova

Dariya Stoyanova is ambassador of the Golden Coin festival at schools in the world

10-year old Dariya Stoyanova’s splendid performance of the song Ciao Europe was in the lead in the temporary standings of the children’s music festival Zecchino d'oro (Golden Coin) in Bologna, Italy. Bulgarian girl part of trio at the..

04.12.23 09:32 |

The Days of Challenges Festival to take place in Sofia

Residents and guests of Sofia will be able to watch a number of exciting films dedicated to adventure, outdoor sports, art and music. In the period December 5 to 7 th , Lumiere cinema is hosting the 18th edition of the capital's festival for adventure..

04.12.23 07:05 |

Bulgarian film “Mother” presented at festival in Vancouver

The Bulgarian movie “Mother” will be screened as part of the European Union Movie Festival in Vancouver this Sunday, November 26, the Bulgarian-Canadian association in British Columbia writes on Facebook. The screening will be at 8:20 PM at The..

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