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The National Association of Bulgarian Vine-growers protest in front of the Ministry of Agriculture on March 24, 2022.

Vine growers in Bulgaria face bankruptcy

The lack of adequate government policy to support Bulgarian viticulture forced the representatives of the industry to protest today in front of the Ministry of Agriculture in Sofia.  After several fruitless regional protests, the National..

24.03.22 19:10 |

Protesting farmers block key road in southern Bulgaria

Over 100 producers of fruit and vegetables from Pazardzhik, Plovdiv, Karnobat and Stara Zagora blocked the major Plovdiv - Karlovo road with tractors. This has been the second of a series of protests against the agricultural policy of..

16.03.22 14:08 |
Sofia University Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden in Sofia to celebrate the Day of Herbs with a bazaar of medicinal plants

On June 24, Midsummer's Day (the birth of St. John the Baptist), known in Bulgaria as Enyovden and the holiday of herbs, will be celebrated at the Sofia University Botanical Garden in the Bulgarian capital. There will be a bazaar of medicinal and..

24.06.21 06:55 |

Bulgarian vegetable production could be destroyed without support for small companies

Measure 4.1 for modernization of agriculture, totaling 250 million euros, serves the interests of a certain range of large agricultural holdings. This is what Mariana Miltenova, chair of the Bulgarian National. Horticultural Union, has told BNR...

21.05.21 11:42 |
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