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NSI President Assoc. Prof. Dr. Atanas Atanasov

Cumulative inflation for the last 3 years is 30%, NSI President says

The National Statistical Institute (NSI) expects a high evaluation from the inspection of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), said NSI President Assoc. Prof. Dr. Atanas Atanasov.  A report will be released by the end..

31.03.24 16:25 |

Bulgaria will join eurozone when it meets inflation criterion, says outgoing finance minister

Bulgaria will be able to join the eurozone when it meets the inflation criterion, outgoing finance minister Assen Vassilev said in the National Assembly during a debate on state-owned Bulgarian Energy Holding.  Vassilev noted that the outgoing..

29.03.24 16:42 |
Assoc. Prof. Atanas Atanasov, PhD - President of NSI.

NSI does not manipulate inflation data, says its president

The NSI data on inflation in the country are not and cannot be manipulated, as the National Statistical Institute is is subject to monthly inspection by Eurostat.   This was stated in Parliament by NSI President Assoc. Prof. Dr Atanas Atanasov. He..

27.03.24 13:15 |
Кристалина Георгиева

IMF head: It is realistic that Bulgaria will enter the Eurozone in 2025

I would not insist on a date, the important thing is that in 2025 Bulgaria will be in the Eurozone and that is realistic. This is how Kristalina Georgieva, the managing director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), responded at a briefing in Sofia...

12.03.24 11:13 |
Marcel Ciolacu

Balkan developments

Romania expects to enter Schengen by land by the end of the year Romania will join the Schengen area via its land borders by the end of the year, said Romanian Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu in an interview with local TV station Antenna 3,..

08.03.24 11:50 |
Assen Vassilev

Finance Minister Assen Vassilev believes Bulgaria will be able to adopt the euro in 2025 at 3% inflation

The average annual inflation in Bulgaria will be 3%, according to data of the European Central Bank and the European Commission, said Finance Minister Assen Vassilev, who is in Ghent, Belgium, for the informal meeting of EU economic and financial..

24.02.24 16:04 |

Inflation rate in Bulgaria continues slowdown in January

The annual inflation in Bulgaria slowed down significantly in January, 2024, down to 3.8% from 4.7% a month earlier, the National Statistical Institute says. This is the lowest inflation level for the country since August 2021. Month-to-month,..

16.02.24 09:03 |

The majority of Bulgarians find it hard to make ends meet with less than EUR 500 a month

The cost of living for a three-member family increased by 78 euros year-on-year. A three-member family of two employed people and a child needed EUR 1,307 of net monthly income at the end of 2023. However, two-thirds of Bulgarians receive payments..

01.02.24 15:03 |

Consumer loans in Bulgaria decrease, mortgage loans increase

In December 2023, Bulgarian households deposited EUR 1.15 billion. The total amount of savings reached EUR 40 billion. Bank deposits of businesses and households amount to more than EUR 63.5 billion. In December last year, people were saving instead..

25.01.24 12:07 |

Minister of Economy: Inflation in Bulgaria decreased to below 5%

Bulgaria expects a positive growth of the economy and of investments in 2024. GDP growth will exceed that of 2023, which is around 1.8%, and we expect it to approach 3%, Economy Minister Bogdan Bogdanov predicted in an interview for the Bulgarian..

24.01.24 16:33 |
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