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Bulgaria's President Rumen Radev

President Radev appoints the new caretaker cabinet

Bulgaria’s President Rumen Radev appointed the new caretaker government, dissolved the 48 th National Assembly and scheduled early elections for April 2.  Galab Donev will continue to serve as caretaker Prime Minister. He will be assisted by the..

02.02.23 09:42 |

Meeting of CEI foreign ministers takes place in Sofia

As a chair of the Central European Initiative (CEI), Bulgaria is hosting the Meeting of Foreign Ministers of member states of the initiative in 2022. The event takes place in Boyana Residence in Sofia. On November 7, the foreign..

07.11.22 08:00 |

Politicians leaving the government and those who stay do not want early elections

After the leadership council of the three remaining parties in the cabinet -"We Continue the Change", BSP and "Democratic Bulgaria", Prime Minister Kiril Petkov said that he would do what was possible in order to preserve the current..

09.06.22 09:40 |
Minister Ivanov

Bulgarian Minister of Agriculture participates in meeting in famework of the Berlin Process

Bulgarian Minister of Agriculture Ivan Ivanov takes part in a ministerial meeting within the framework of the Berlin Process and the Germany-Western Balkans Agricultural Policy Dialogue. The meeting takes place in the period April..

04.04.22 07:10 |

Composition of new Bulgarian government is already known

The candidate for Prime Minister from "We Continue the Change" Kiril Petkov has presented the composition and structure of the Council of Ministers, which will be proposed for voting in the National Assembly on Monday, December 13...

11.12.21 16:14 |

Bulgarian Socialist Party unanimously approves coalition agreement

The National Council of the Bulgarian Socialist Party has unanimously approved the coalition agreement and the candidates of the socialist party for a Deputy Premier and ministers. All 138 members voted in favor. The council approved the..

10.12.21 17:18 |
Minister Stoev

Bulgarian Foreign Minister Stoev participates in OSCE Ministerial Council

Bulgarian Minister of Foreign Affairs Svetlan Stoev takes part in the 28th meeting of the Ministerial Council of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) in the Swedish capital city of Stockholm. During the annual..

02.12.21 07:50 |
Slavi Trifonov

ITN denies speculations regarding cabinet nominations

“ITN (There Is Such a People) is not involved in any underhand dealings and is not lining up ministers in anyone’s rabbit hutch or in anyone’s seraglio. Our nomination for a cabinet is not Boyko’s (Borissov), nor is it Ahmed’s (Dogan),” ITN leader..

13.07.21 14:06 |

Bulgarian Parliament approves reshuffle of Borissov 3 cabinet

In a parliamentary sitting this morning, Bulgaria's Parliament voted on the dismissal from their posts of Finance Minister Vladislav Goranov, Interior Minister Mladen Marinov, Economy Minister Emil Karanikolov, Healthcare Minister Kiril Ananiev and..

24.07.20 11:31 |
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