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Alek Kirev - ''Who are You?''

Alek Kirev is an independent artist who, in addition to writing his own songs, takes care of every step for their further realization and distribution. Exactly a year after releasing his original album Gravity, Alek Kirev is ready with a new song..

16.02.24 09:10 |

"Radio On"

W e celebrate World Radio Day with a song by Miroslav Kostadinov, whom we all know as Miro - one of the most popular and beloved Bulgarian singers. He says that radio has had an extremely important role in his life. When he..

13.02.24 06:50 |

D2 - ''100 Years''

In our music slot, we will go back to the beginning of the new millennium, when contemporary Bulgarian music experienced a new upswing. D2 is one of the iconic bands of that period. Its music hits sound topical and are sung even today. One of them is..

12.02.24 09:10 |

Margarita Hranova - "Dream"

Bilyana Angelova is a poet and composer, which makes her one of the few contemporary authors writing both lyrics and music for some of Bulgaria’s most popular and beloved artists. She wrote the music and the lyrics for music hits such as "Navisoko" -..

09.02.24 09:05 |

Two Hours Away and their new song

The name of the band Two Hours Away comes from the two-hour difference between Sofia and London - the cities where friends Alexander Danev and Konstantin Hristov studied years ago. Their desire to create music together grew into forming a band and..

08.02.24 10:05 |

Miglena Danova and "In the Rhythm"

Miglena Danova has always loved music, but decided to realize her first creative experience during the pandemic.  "In the rhythm" is a song based on her own lyrics, as Miglena created the music together with Itso Lyubenov who relied on Mihail..

06.02.24 17:29 |

Fandango released their fourth album after a ten-year break

After a ten-year break, at the end of 2023, the Bulgarian rock band Fandango released their new, fourth album titled ''Like the Birds'’. The band has been working on the album for a long time. Its title track was released back in 2020. However, this..

01.02.24 13:21 |

Nana & The Gang- ''Tiho''

If you like rock with elements of skate punk, reggae, etc, you must definitely meet Nana & The Gang. The band was founded in 2008 by Iliyana Yordanova, initially as "5th Sense". Nana & The Gang emerged later, originating from Iliyana's childhood..

31.01.24 05:05 |

Stanislav Stanchev gets popular with online videos

His music is heard all over the world, and his YouTube channel has over 108 thousand subscribers. Stanislav Stanchev is probably the most popular Bulgarian pianist online. Apart from the hackneyed phrase "work and talent" and his presentation..

29.01.24 17:19 |

Bulgarian musician is among the winners of Music Moves Europe

Bulgarian musician Daniel Stoyanov, known as Bulgarian Cartrader - a German-based singer, producer and salsa dancer, is among the winners of the Music Moves Europe 2023 music awards for emerging artists in popular contemporary music.  The information..

19.01.24 14:51 |
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