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We celebrate music today

On October 1, we traditionally celebrate World Music Day. The holiday was established by the International Council of Music at UNESCO in 1974, at the suggestion of its then president, Yehudi Menuhin. The great violinist, conductor and public figure..

01.10.22 10:10 |
Georgi Dimitrov

Conductor Georgi Dimitrov receives Acad. Marin Goleminov Award for 2022

On September 28, Marin Goleminov's birthday, in his hometown of Kyustendil, an award is traditionally presented in his name. It is awarded by an authoritative jury, which includes famed musicians, public figures and municipal officials. This year’s..

29.09.22 14:27 |

The Independence Anthem of 1908

Today we recall the Independence Anthem, created on the very day Bulgaria's independence was solemnly announced in Veliko Tarnovo. The whole country is celebrating, and in our Black Sea city Burgas, this marching song is being played for the first time...

22.09.22 09:05 |

Sofia to host Europe Jazz Network annual meeting

This year‘s European Jazz Conference will take place at the National Palace of Culture in Sofia, Bulgaria, between 22 and 25 September 2022– for the first time in South Eastern Europe. The theme of the 2022 European Jazz Conference is Breaking New..

22.09.22 07:10 |
Trendafilka group from New Orleans

Bulgarian songs and rhythms from New Orleans

New Orleans is known for its colourful multicultural community, its traditional cuisine, and most of all, its incredible musical heritage. In the jazz capital of the world, almost everyone plays an instrument, but not necessarily jazz. " Here people are..

21.09.22 15:56 |

Bulgarian Diana Chausheva is the big winner in "Concertino Prague" Competition

14-year-old Diana Chausheva is the big winner of the "Concertino Prague" competition. BNR is the producer of the competition recordings of the young Bulgarian violinist. The competition is for musicians up to 18 years of age and is..

20.09.22 12:46 |

"Dobrich Jazz Fest" awaits a large audience

The northeastern city of Dobrich will host a two-day jazz festival for the first time. The event will take place on 17 and 18 September. Jazz concerts will take place on the first day of the festival on the stage of the Lapidarium next to..

17.09.22 12:05 |

Who are the guest stars of the Pleven Philharmonic's 2022/2023 season?

In recent seasons, the Pleven Philharmonic Orchestra has increasingly included in its repertoire collaborative projects with various musical institutions, famous soloists and conductors. Among them are “Let’s listen to some movies” – a programme based..

14.09.22 14:27 |

Vlada Tomova on Bulgarian folk music as an inspiration

Vlada Tomova is a vocalist, songwriter, and in recent years, an organizer of master classes in Bulgarian folk singing. She was born in Crimea, Ukraine, grew up in Bulgaria, and went to the United States to study jazz at Berklee College of Music. Even as..

13.09.22 15:27 |

The renowned accordionist Dimitar Angelov, who turned 80: ˮMusic is my dream come trueˮ

Music and only music is the biography of the famous musician Dimitar Angelov. He is inspired by Thracian folk music, urban folklore, sound recording and all things connected to music. A virtuoso accordionist, he is a soloist of the traditional Thracian..

08.09.22 09:39 |

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