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"When I Met You" – a solo song by guitarist Miroslav Ivanov

Photo: Facebook /Miroslav Ivanov

Miroslav Ivanov is a guitarist, arranger and composer who is present in many interesting contemporary Bulgarian music bands and projects. He has released three solo albums of instrumental music: "Directions" (2013), "Circus" (2016), and "Little Alien" (2019). Miro Ivanov is one of the most sought-after guitarists, but he also enjoys singing. We hear him sing with his band Safo and in his first solo song "Tsuk," released back in 2013. Now, 11 years later, Miro is ready with his second solo song, "Kogato te sreshtnah" (When I Met You).

‘’Singing is something that has always been close to my heart, and I love it very much. But I didn't have the right lyrics. I'm not one of those singers who can sing anything. I want the lyrics to touch me deeply, and then I can sing them well, with good diction. Then, I respect every letter, every sound. I just waited for the right moment with good lyrics", Miro explains.

In his songs, Miroslav Ivanov always creates the music first, because if he composes music based on lyrics, he has to adjust to the rhythm of the text. As he says in the play "Melophobia" – for there to be music, there must first be silence, because the artist could hear his soul in the silence, and only then could the music emerge. And the lyricist dresses this music with words.

Miroslav Ivanov heard the silence in "When I Met You" during the pandemic, when he had a lot of spare time, was still a bachelor and had no children – that's when the music emerged. The moment for the realization of the piece came when Miro's brother Svetlin Ivanov wrote the lyrics. Miro turned to Borislav Boyadzhiev – Borche (drums), knowing he was suitable for the irregular time signatures. Alexander Obretenov plays the bass guitar.

The song is very personal for Miro because the lyrics of "When I Met You" turned out to be prophetic – Svetlin describes a story, and later, Miro met his wife Mariya Kotseva in a similar way. Maria participates in the video, shot by Vasil Stefanov and Stefka Nikolova.

Miroslav Ivanov's desire is to create an entire original album with lyrics by his brother Svetlin, and he is already working on the next song.

Photos: Facebook /Miroslav Ivanov; Radio Sofia

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