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Protesting miners and energy workers block roads in the country

The workers at Maritsa East mines are protesting today. The road at the Passage of the Republic (Hainboaz) near Gurkovo is blocked . There is also a protest on the Trakia highway in the Stara Zagora region, on the roads to Haskovo and between Galabovo..

29.09.23 09:12 |

Agreement reached with protesters is part of government's priorities, PM Denkov says

The tension we see in media and in the street is a reflection of a huge amount of accumulated distrust in the political class, as energy workers, miners and farmers have been lied to many times over the years. This is what Prime..

20.09.23 11:24 |

Protests of grain producers against import of cheap grain from Ukraine continue today

Grain producers from all over the country closed roads to the "Danube Bridge" border crossing near Ruse with tractors and long queues of trucks formed as a result. Protesting farmers have one main demand - stopping the import of..

30.03.23 13:02 |

Road construction workers protest in Sofia and throughout the country

Road construction workers blocked traffic in front of Bulgaria’s National Assembly. They are protesting for the second time and are demanding payments due for construction works done. The protest is organized by the Bulgarian Branch Chamber..

20.04.22 15:05 |

Protesters meet new MPs in front of National Assembly

Environmentalists organized a protest at the official opening of the 47th National Assembly. "Greenpeace" welcomed the MPs with a bottle of "Coal Water" to draw the attention of the new MPs to the negative effects of coal mining on..

03.12.21 12:54 |

Another 12 people accused of police violence against citizens during 2020 protests

The Bulgarian Ministry of Interior has identified 12 more employees guilty of police violence against protesters near the building of the Council of Ministers last summer, the ministry's secretary general Petar Todorov told Nova TV. He assured that..

09.10.21 13:47 |
Interim Interior Minister Boyko Rashkov

Interim Interior Minister Boyko Rashkov confirms politicians, public figures and protesters have been wiretapped

Interim Interior Minister Boyko Rashkov confirmed that politicians, public figures and participants in last year’s anti-government protests have been wiretapped . He added that he had proof which he would hand over to the next parliament. “We..

15.06.21 14:30 |

Protesters do not give up on their positions

Next to the fountain in front of the Presidency in Sofia protesters chanted for the resignation of the government and the Prosecutor General for the 113th consecutive night. Meanwhile, just like last Thursday, students from the Faculty of Law at Sofia..

29.10.20 19:21 |

Calls for fines for protesters throwing objects at cultural monuments

In conditions of continuing pandemic, the government will allocate additional 15 million euros for culture, the chairman of the parliamentary committee on culture and media Vezhdi Rashidov has told b TV. The state is not just restaurants..

26.10.20 10:15 |
Arman Babikyan

Protesters: We should not expect Brussels to fire Boyko Borissov

"At the discussion on the rule of law in Bulgaria, which took place in the European Parliament, many unpleasant things were heard about this country. In fact, it was what people protesting in the squares are saying, too. But no one should expect..

06.10.20 09:44 |
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