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Good conditions for winter sports and hikes in the mountains

Meteorologists say the weather today is perfect for lovers of winter sports and tourism. The conditions in the Bulgarian mountains and resorts are good, the Mountain Rescue Service of the Bulgarian Red Cross reported. The sky is clear with..

27.12.23 10:35 |

Weather forecast: Orange and yellow warnings for strong wind nationwide

On Saturday minimum temperatures will range between 1 and 4° C., for Sofia 1° C. below zero. During the day there will be clouds, in Northern Bulgaria there will be rain, in Ludogorie region and the region between the Balkan range and the Danubian..

22.12.23 18:50 |

Skiing conditions are good, says Mountain Rescue Service

The Mountain Rescue Service says conditions are good for skiing in the country's mountains and winter resorts. Temperatures are below freezing and the weather is clear and calm. The service warns, however, that tourists should take into account that the..

17.12.23 11:11 |

Weather forecast: Sunny on Sunday with daytime highs above zero

During the night the snow and the rain will stop nationwide, the clouds will scatter and disperse. The wind will subside and will turn from the West-Northwest. Minimum temperatures minus 6° C., minus 1° C., lower in places in the lowlands, for Sofia..

16.12.23 17:55 |
ГКПП Маказа

Vehicles entering the country checked for winter tyres at Makaza checkpoint

At the Makaza border crossing with Greece, increased checks have started in view of the expected severe weather conditions and forecasts of snowfall. All vehicles entering Bulgaria will be checked for winter tyres and winter equipment.  The checks..

15.12.23 16:53 |

Weather forecast: Rain on Thursday, on Friday the rain will turn to snow

On Thursday minimum temperatures will range from 4 to 9° C., a little lower in the Northwest, for Sofia 4° C. There will be fog in the morning in the lowlands and around water basins. During the day the clouds will increase, and there will be rain..

13.12.23 18:50 |

Weather forecast: Rain and snow across the entire territory of Bulgaria

On Thursday cold air will rush in, in the Northwest and the mountain regions the rain will turn to snow, and a snow cover will form. Minimum temperatures minus 1° to 4° C., for Sofia 1° C. During the day there will be rain; in Northern Bulgaria the..

06.12.23 18:50 |

Temperatures up to 20 °C, rain and snow in the evening

Clouds will be significant on Sunday. Showers will start from the northwest and cover southeastern areas during the day. A northerly wind will bring in cold air. Rain will change to snow in the central and eastern parts of the Danube Plain and in..

02.12.23 19:05 |
Isperih, 26 November, 2023

State of emergency in Razgrad region called off

The state of emergency declared on 26 November in Razgrad region over the complicated winter conditions has been called off, the regional administration has announced. The strong winds and the heavy snow caused outages in electricity and the water..

29.11.23 13:07 |

Taking advantage of the elements: Kitesurfing on the snowy meadows near Varna

With all the snow, wind and power outages, the situation may be difficult, but as it turns out, it can be propitious for adrenaline buffs. Todor Deliev is just such a thrill-seeker, who, inspired by the snow-clad meadows above Dobrogled village near..

28.11.23 11:26 |
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