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Weather forecast: Yellow and orange warning for dangerous winds for the whole territory of Bulgaria

On Saturday minimum temperatures will range from 1° to 6° C., for Sofia 1° C. During the day the weather will be cold with a strong to tempestuous wind from the Northwest. By evening there will be a gale-force wind in the Northeastern part of the..

17.11.23 18:35 |
Snow at Vitosha Mountain, 12 November 2023

Snow covers some mountain peaks in Bulgaria

The mountain peaks Musala in Rila Mountain, Botev and Murgash in Stara Planina Mountain and Cherni vrah on Vitosha Mountain already have a snow cover , Bulgaria's National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology announced. In general, the conditions for..

13.11.23 08:45 |

There will be a plenty of snow in the mountain resort of Pamporovo this winter, local authorities promise

Pamporovo is gearing up for its strongest winter season yet, when it will host the International Ski and Snowboard Federation's Snowboard World Cup for the first time. This was announced by the resort authorities on September 27, when World Tourism Day..

27.09.23 13:55 |
Summer snow on peak Musala, 27 July, 2023.

A cool morning and pleasant summer temperatures on Friday

The first summer snow has fallen on Mount Musala after a cold front passed over the country. In the lowlands Friday will be sunny with a light westerly wind .  Minimum temperatures will be from 9 to 17°C, in Sofia - 10°C. Maximum..

27.07.23 19:05 |

Weather forecast: Clouds and rain, in the mountains – snow

Over the next 24 hours the weather over most of the country will be predominantly cloudy, with rain in Western Bulgaria. Over Eastern Bulgaria the clouds will temporarily disperse and diminish. There will be a light to moderate wind from the..

13.05.23 18:05 |

Weather forecast for Bulgaria for Thursday, April 20

On Thursday the lowest temperatures will range from 4°C to 9°C, for Sofia- around 5°C. It will be cloudy with precipitation, more significant in the eastern parts of the country and over the mountains. Daytime highs will range from 14°C to 19°C, for..

19.04.23 19:25 |

Weather forecast for Bulgaria for Wednesday, April 5

It will be cloudy and rainy on Wednesday. There will be snow on higher ground in Western Bulgaria. It will stop raining in the west in the afternoon hours. The lowest temperatures will range between minus 1°C and 4°C, for Sofia minus 1°C.   Daytime..

04.04.23 19:25 |

Weather forecast for Bulgaria for Tuesday, March 28

A cold atmospheric front will pass through Bulgaria on Tuesday.  It will be cloudy and rainy, with a chance of snow in the northeastern parts of the country. Minimum temperatures will range between 1°C and 6°C, for Sofia 1°C.  Daytime temperatures..

27.03.23 19:25 |

Weather forecast for Bulgaria for Monday, March 27

On Monday   minimum temperatures will range between 4°C and 9°C, for Sofia 6°C.  It will be sunny and windy in the morning hours. A cold atmospheric front will reach the country in the afternoon. It will start raining from the west in the evening..

26.03.23 17:25 |

Weather forecast for Tuesday, March 21

On Tuesday the lowest temperatures will range from 4°C to 9°C, for Sofia- around 4°C . Significant cloudiness is in the forecast for March 21. It will start raining in the western parts of the country in the afternoon hours. Daytime highs will reach..

20.03.23 19:25 |
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