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Theatre play about Tsar Boris III and the rescue of Bulgarian Jews to be presented in UK

"Out Of The Forest Theatre" have been preparing a play about Tsar Boris III. "The Brief Life and Mysterious Death of Boris III, King of Bulgaria" will be performed during the Edinburgh International Theater Festival in August. The..

25.05.23 09:30 |

A Bulgarian theatre performance will visit London

On January 28, Bulgarian actors Asen Blatechki and Nikolay Urumov will visit London with the performance "Dvama, chetirima, sexy-ma", of which the actors are also directors, the website Budilnik reports. They will be partnered by the actresses Dobriela..

12.01.23 12:36 |

European Playback Theatre Festival kicks off in Sofia

November 17-20, the Regional Centre for Contemporary Art "Topocentral" in Sofia will host an unconventional theatre event - "European Playback Theatre Festival Sofia 2022". All performances are in English. Playback theatre is improvisational..

17.11.22 13:33 |

Theatre director Galin Stoev: Theatre turns anger and powerlessness into something constructive

Bulgarian theatre director Galin Stoev is perhaps the most recognizable figure in the worldwide theatre scene associated with Bulgaria. As manager and director of the National Theatre of the French city of Toulouse, he knows that establishing yourself..

14.09.22 16:22 |

Bulgaria's coastal resort Sozopol to host 4th edition of Pupper and Square Theatre Art festival

Until August 10, the 4th edition of the International Festival for Puppet and Square Theatre "Harlequin and Marionette" is being held in the coastal town of Sozopol on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast.   Along with the Bulgarian participants, there are..

06.08.22 06:55 |

For the first time NATFA organizes a career forum in support of young actors

Bulgarian actors are organizing mass protests in autumn, the chairman of the Union of Bulgarian Actors Hristo Mutafchiev announced. The reason is the proposed update of the state budget, according to which the funds for the "Culture" sector will be..

17.06.22 08:51 |

Bulgarian actors support animal adoption campaign

Actors from the Sofia Theater are the new ambassadors of the Ecobalance campaign in support of the adoption of pets - "Don't buy! Adopt!". Some of the most popular people in the theatre company and some even accompanied by their children stood..

04.07.21 09:05 |
Ivan Radoev theatre in Pleven

Play bringing together actors from Bulgaria, Serbia, North Macedonia and Romania premieres in Pleven

“The miracle of St. George”, a play which is a Balkan co-production, is to have its premiere at the  Ivan Radoev theatre in Pleven on 28 and 29 June. The director is from Serbia, the actors are from Bulgaria, Serbia, North Macedonia and..

28.06.21 10:46 |

Askeer Theatre award ceremony to take place on May 23

Traditionally, on the eve of May 24 - the Day of the Bulgarian Alphabet, Education and Culture, the Askeer Awards for achievements in the theatrical art will be presented in a ceremony at the Theatre of the Bulgarian Army. The event will also mark the..

23.05.21 07:10 |
The Golden Kukerikon award of the Theatre of Satire

Theatre of Satire confers Golden Kukerikon awards

The Aleko Konstantinov Theatre of Satire is conferring the Golden Kukerikon awards for 2021 today, for achievements in humour and satire in Bulgarian theatre. The Golden Kukerikon is an award conferred by the Theatre of Satire to colleagues from..

07.04.21 06:25 |
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